Monday, August 8, 2022

Pizza at Home - California Avocado Pizza

Pizza day! We're in California! I already did a pizza based on California Dates, but that's certainly not the only crop that California is known for. Avocados! I bet I could make a pizza out of that!

Mission Avocados are based out the USA, right here in California. 

I was trying to think of what all would go on a pizza based on avocados. I didn't want to go with a tomato sauce so instead I chose to dice some sweet onions and garlic cloves. 

After a few minutes with a little oil and a little heat, they had softened and caramelized. 

Today I'm making thin crust pizzas, so I started with my base, gave it a little oil, then spread my onions and garlic on it. 

Then it got topped with mozzarella. 

Avocados don't need any heat, so these will stay right here while the pizza goes into the oven. 

7 minutes at 480F and this is looking tasty!

I wanted more flavor, so I added some diced tomatoes and tossed it back into the oven for 60 more seconds, just to get some heat on the tomatoes. 

How many avocados should go on this? Is this enough? This should be enough. 

The last thing this could use is a little cilantro. Perfect!

Come give this a try kids!

What do you think? 

Thumbs up from both. 

There's like half an avocado on this slice!

Theresa, Gram, and Pop Pop all thought it was a tasty pizza. It's almost like an avocado toast recipe and that's always delicious. 

Alli wanted another bite. What are you doing Alli? 

I see what you're doing. 

You just want to eat the avocado off this pizza!

Along with the avocado pizza, we're also making 6 other pizzas! I roll them out and Theresa adds all the toppings.

Veggie pizza for Pop Pop. Just about every veggie we have in the fridge. 

Gram had 4 different quadrants of pizza going on on this one. A little bit of everything. 

And both kids are trying something a little different, with pepperoni, olives, and mushrooms. 

The parents enjoyed their thin crust pizzas. 

While Theresa and I liked ours. 

But tonight, the top pizza in my book was the avocado pizza! Yum!

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  1. I LIKE that avocado pizza idea!...for the perfect touch I'd add some Tabasco on my avocado (avocado+Tabasco taste soooooo good to me :-) ) Lots of different pizzas being prepared in the RV...looks like some new RV visitors to enjoy the various pizzas, too :-) EOM