Thursday, August 11, 2022

We're back at Disneyland! Our second day at Disneyland! Pt 1 - 2022/06/11

It's Day 2 of our Disneyland Adventure! There's a lot going on today so let's jump right in! 

We were out quite late last night, closing down the park, so it was no surprise that we didn't rise with the sun the next day. Nope! Instead we were out the door and parking in the Toy Story Lot around noon. 
Actually it was just a couple minutes before noon, because as we were walking up, they were closing down the security checks. 

We boarded a completely empty bus, and took a ride to the Disney main gates. After we disembarked, Disney Security walked behind us and closed a gate, which directed everyone who came on the buses after us through the security tents here. 

We're walking right down the middle of Main Street USA! 
Scratch that. Most of us are walking. My mother is riding in a wheelchair because she just had foot surgery the week before. One thing Disney does well on though it accessibility. Many of the ride queues were designed before thoughts of wheelchairs using them was common. Now, if you need it, there is a cast member at most of those types of rides who will scan your ticket and give you a return time equal to the current wait time, and then you come back through the accessible entrance later. 
Even with that though, we still ended up purchasing Genie+ for the day. 

Our first ride of the day is the King Arthur Carrousel! Ian was fortunate to ride on Jingles!

While Alli went straight to her very favorite horse, covered in purple, pink, and even flowers! Is there a more perfect horse for her? 

The Carrousel is simple, but it's fun. A ride where "parents and children can have fun together". 

Genie+ came in handy for us, being able to make a reservation for the Matterhorn. 
Counting off the Disneyland Mountains, that's number 1! 

It's a bumpy ride around the mountain. I like that we sometimes race with the other track. Harold, the yeti, is a bit scarier than the Disco Yeti we have on Expedition Everest back home in Florida. 


That was bumpy, but fun! 

The kids have been wanting to ride Alice in Wonderland for a while now. We don't have that back in Florida. The kids were trying to time it so they'd get the color caterpillar they wanted, but didn't realize they'd be interspersed with riders from the regular line. That's why you'll see Alli in the green caterpillar. 

And Ian in the pink and purple one. 

I like this dark ride, how it mixes physical animatronics with projections, plus it's on multiple levels and takes you outside. 

Oh man. This boy really wants to be the one to pull the sword out of the stone. 

Don't tell me he doesn't. Look at that effort. 

Despite all our efforts, we couldn't get the sword to budge. One day, I hope you'll be able to get it buddy. 

Pinocchio is another good dark ride they've got here at Disneyland. 

The kids have liked a lot of the rides over in DCA, so we opted to hop over there to go on a few things. Here's an area where the Disneyland Resort excels compared to Florida. Park hopping takes a couple minutes. In Florida trying to get to another park takes 30-40 minutes. 

Gotta stop to take a look at our stone. It's been here for a few years now, but it's still looking pretty good. I like knowing that a piece of our history is here at Disneyland. 

We were coming over to DCA because one of the first Genie+ reservations we got was for the Incredicoaster, because the kids loved it so much yesterday! We hopped in the Lightning Lane then made our way to the very front. Ian got to ride in the front yesterday, so now it's Alli's turn for the front row. We waited, then... Nothing... A breakdown. D'oh! They didn't know how long it would take to come back up, and recommended people actually leave the line. Most people could walk right out, but since Mom is in the wheelchair we take a little longer going up the elevator. 
On the way out a cast member was scanning passes for an Anytime Return Lightning Lane pass. The cast member scanning ours was having a good day and gave us 3 passes for each person! That's definitely going to help us get some good rides in today! 
No pictures, but we opted to hop on Soarin on the way out. Great ride, but I wish I could see the Soarin Over California version again. 

Let's ride Big Thunder Mountain! 
In the queue, the kids found a water pump, just like the one our friend Henry has in Florida! 

This is Disney Mountain number 2! Big Thunder Mountain! The wildest ride in the wilderness! 


Who could use a treat? I certainly could. What is good on a hot day like today? A Dole Whip! Seems like half the visitors in the park are thinking the same thing! I know the window at the front of the Tiki Room has mobile ordering, but the return time was for hours in the future. That and the kids are wanting the special flavor they have here. Watermelon Dole Whip! Ian loves watermelon. 

Thank you Pop Pop and Gram for treating us!

Man! That "Void of Disappointment" is ever present. 

The watermelon Dole Whip is a hit. 

Let's head back to Critter Country and see what we can see. It's Pirate Redd!

All six of us can fit in a single log here! The kids were really pushing to go on this one. Ian wants to get wet, so he opted to sit in the front. I volunteered to be right behind him. 

Theresa is showing off her strategy for keeping her feet dry. 

For me, I seem to always get soaked right after you drop down into the Laughing Place. A wave of water comes over the side of the log in the dark, so it's always a shock. This would have been a great picture to have the original on, but I was too slow downloading it from Disney's photo site. That's the problem with taking so long to write these up. 

Splash Mountain is our third mountain on our quest to ride all the Disneyland mountains today. 
Being in the front row did not disappoint. 

He got soaked!

My shorts and left side got soaked too! 

And afterwards we went into the Haunted Mansion to the cold air conditioning! Ian and I were both cold! 

The Haunted Mansion is fun, but we're ready for Jack Skellington to come wreck these halls. That's our favorite version of the Mansion. 

Back in Fantasyland, there's on more ride that has been updated since we've been gone. 

Snow White's Enchanted Wish was once Snow White's Scary Adventures. 

All the projections and animatronics were done very well. It reminded me a lot of the quality of the Seven Dwarves Mine Train. 

Mom said she liked it when I was pushing the wheelchair because we moved quickly! We're jumping back and forth between parks a lot today. It's nice to have that option! We'll be continuing from there in the next post!

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  1. Conquering the mountains day! Splash Mtn gave Ian and you your "soaking wet fun" for the day :-) Alli's socks and shoes perfectly matched the pink/purple decorated horse she rode on the Carrousel...she certainly knows how to coordinate her colors to her surroundings :-) Hey, the Flowers Disneyland brick is still looking good after all these years and years of people walking on it. Some fond, fun memories of the visits with Henry when the water pump was encountered in the queue. Maybe some day Ian will get that sword out of the stone...a little extra pixie dust should do the trick! Mmmmmm..dole whip sounds great & refreshing on a warm day, especially the watermelon one. Lots of park hopping today to get that extra magic in each park. EOM