Monday, August 15, 2022

Our last day at Disneyland with the grandparents! Pt 1 - 2022/06/13

It's our last day at the Disneyland Resort with the grandparents. We've had a lot of fun together re-exploring what was once our home park. I parked once more in the Toy Story lot and we were on our way!

Which park should we start in? Well it's been difficult getting reservations to any of the parks, so I'm glad I was able to get anything. Disney's California Adventure has a lot of the rides the kids have been enjoying, so let's go ahead and start there. 

Once we got inside the park, we could start making Genie+ reservations, but those won't be available for a little while. Let's find something with a short line. Something that is unique to California. Something like the swings! 

Theresa was happy to stay on terra firma and not spin around with the rest of us. 

And then made the choice to stay on the ground again when the kids asked to go on the Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind. 

It's really nice that they make seat belts out of Fruit by the Foot. 

Kids - Daddy...!

Which character did the kids want? Anger! 
He's hilarious! 

Before we go to the next park, let's make sure we get another ride on what might become the kids' favorite ride. The Incredicoaster! This time I convinced them to try the back row. It goes faster!

Theresa sat this one out too. So far she's 0 for 3 on rides today. 

But the kids had a blast on the Incredicoaster. They do prefer the front row to the back, probably because you can get a real sense of speed from the front. 

At 1pm, park hopping is opened up, and we're able to jump over to Disneyland. 

Staying with the theme of unique rides to Disneyland, the kids wanted to go ride on the Matterhorn once more. The adults weren't too happy about it, since the Matterhorn is one of the shakiest coasters around. It can really beat you up!

That's a pretty big foot Ian. I don't think yours quite measures up. 

Here we go. Theresa is on a ride finally! 

Alli is all smiles here!

Oh, but when the ride starts, head down and ears covered. 

At least she went on it along with everyone else. Brave girl. 

The kids have loved having their grandparents here. I'm glad they were able to come out and join us in California. 

Our next ride is another coaster. A Big Thunder Mountain. It'd be awesome to see cliffs with dinosaurs in them in real life. Maybe some day. 

Theresa opted to sit out for this ride. That trip on the Matterhorn was a little too much. 

But she's not sitting out for the ride that was her favorite when we lived here before. She loves riding with Winnie the Pooh! 

And I don't know if it's the ride...

Or the traditional stop at Pooh Corner afterwards that she likes so much. 

Inside they've got a treat case full of delicious sweets. 

A little something for everyone. Gram and Pop Pop shared a pineapple cupcake. 

Yes Alli, I see that your Minnie apple matches your Minnie dress today. Very cute. 

And tasty! Thanks for sharing!

Ian and Theresa went with a treat that we've only been able to find on this coast for Disney. At WDW, they have chocolate covered marshmallow wands, but they are lacking in something. Here at Disneyland they have added the all important caramel layer, making this chocolate-caramel-marshmallow wand especially tasty. 

While the rest of the family stayed behind in Disneyland for one more ride, Theresa and Alli hustled over to Redwood Creek to climb the rock walls there. 

While Pop Pop, Gram, Ian, and I went exploring with Indiana Jones inside the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Shame so many of the effects weren't working. Little things like the snake, or the rat log projection are fine, but missing the boulder at the end. That's the grand finale! That last bit of excitement before the ride is over, and it's unfortunate that it's broken. 
Afterwards we headed over to DCA to meet back up with Theresa and Alli. We'll continue from there next!


  1. Ian & Alli enjoy riding with Gram in her's like their first Disney ride of the day (their version of the tram :-) ) Lots of attractions already in the young day (well, maybe not as many for Theresa). Why does Alli cover her ears on the Matterhorn?...does it make it less scary in some way? Any ways, the ride is "rough" on the Matterhorn as many have shared since the new sleds were installed years ago. Like that solo pic of Alli holding her Minnie Mouse candy apple...something about it looked extra special! Mmmm...chocolate-caramel-marshmallow wand...such sweet yumminess there (Hey Ian, looks like you were enjoying it a lot, too!). Too bad regarding all the broken/non-functioning effects on Indiana Jones...really takes away from the experience when key elements aren't working as expected! EOM

    1. It's the loud noises that get to her. Sometimes that Yeti can get loud. Plus the sleds down the mountain are loud. The Matterhorn definitely beats you up!