Monday, August 29, 2022

Coke Creations Dreamworld Coca-Cola taste test

Today we're in Utah and visiting with one of Theresa's former co-workers and college classmates! And any time we go visit someone, if I can, I like to try to bring along a taste test that we can all try. 

Coca-Cola and their Creations lab has been going crazy this year releasing all sorts of new flavors. There was Starlight, Pixel, Marshmallo, and now Dreamworld. 

What does Coca-Cola Dreamworld taste like? Check the label. It's Dream Flavored, obviously.  
Actually Kay and Rob invited us over to their house for lunch. It didn't take too long for the kids to discover Rob's drum set and ask to play it. Rob has been playing since he was a boy, practicing 6 hours a day at times. 

It's awesome that it's electronic! Alli really really wants a drum set. Theresa has said that she can have it once she's learned piano (she's practicing hard now), and guitar (which will come after piano). 

Being distracted by their doggy. I love how Animal is hanging off the front of the drum set. 

Rob made us a fantastic lunch. Cheeseburgers cooked on a charcoal grill. And while some people got the thin burger patties that they like, Rob made thick burgers for me and him cause burgers should be half meat. Along with the burgers, he grilled up onions and mushrooms, plus potato salad, beans, and more. The kids loved their burgers too, fixing them up with their favorite toppings. It was a feast and a wonderful meal. 

After everyone was pleasantly full, I pulled out the Dreamworld Coke for the taste test. 

Kay - What does it smell like? 
Alli - Kinda fruity.

And what about how it tastes? 
Alli - Fruit coke. 
Kay - It tastes like cherry.
Rob - No, not cherry. I think it tastes like carnival cotton candy.
Joe - I taste fruit punchy flavor.

Joe - Maybe a passionfruit, or some other tropical fruit?
Theresa - I can see a tropical fruit. 
Joe - Ian, what do you think? 
Ian - It just tastes good. 
Rob - The moment it hits my lips, I taste like a bubble gum. A fruit bubble gum. 

Kay - I'm with Ian. It just tastes good. 
Ian - Zero Sugar is better. It has more flavor. 
Theresa - That tastes like a Zero. It doesn't have as good a flavor. 
Rob - I can taste the chemicals in that one. 

Alli give it a sideways thumb. It's okay for her. But Ian loves it. 
Theresa - The Dream World Coke is...
Ian - Delicious! 
Joe - Does it remind you of a Dream? 
Rob - A nightmare! Actually, my first thought when I taste it is a Carnival. 
Joe - At least Theresa didn't think this one tasted like Coke mixed with cleaner. 

Jacob came over a short time later and got a sampling. He agreed that it's a very fruity flavor. Maybe more of a melon flavor to him. 

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  1. Sounds like a "fruity" dream taste...guess it can't be all bad since it doesn't have the "cleaner" taste :-) Luncheon feast of grilled, meaty hamburgers and delicious sides...what a treat to enjoy a charcoal-grilled meal. Electronic drum set!...had never seen one of those. Alli looked so flexible on the floor when she got down to look the doggy eye-to-eye. So wonderful Theresa could catch up w/ a former co-worker and college mate...time flies. EOM