Sunday, December 26, 2021

Holiday Treats - Skittles Candy Canes

We've all had a regular peppermint candy cane, but what about something that has even more flavors? What about a 5 flavored candy cane? And what if they all tasted like Skittles?

Spangler, the largest candy cane company in the world, has teamed up with Mars Wrigley to bring us Skittles flavored candy canes this Christmas!

We sure do enjoy Skittles, as you'll see in a soon to be written post. These Skittles candy canes have a beautiful twist of the red, orange, yellow, green, and purple Skittles colors. 
We know what regular Skittles taste like, but we've always got to have something to compare our special treat against. 

Ah, I see these Skittles Candy Canes are from the time where green is still Green Apple, and hasn't made the change-over to the much superior Lime flavor. 

I like that they're going for 5 distinct flavors, and not trying to mash it all together into one "fruity" candy cane, and just calling it Skittles. 

And how do they taste? 

You know, Spangler did a really good job on these. They have that distinct Skittles taste. And I can pick out individual flavors too. Polling the room, Theresa, Aubrey, Alli, and I all thought they tasted just like what a Skittles candy cane should taste like. 

I was a little surprised to see that the different colors didn't go all the way through the candy cane. It's a shell of colors on top of a white center. 
If you see these and you like Skittles, give them a try! We picked them up for $4 at Bronner's Christmas Store in Frankenmuth Michigan

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  1. What colorful candy canes! capture all 5 Skittles flavors, and do it distinctly in one cane, is quite a feat. Looks like Ian didn't think as highly of the candy canes like everyone else. Did the center white part taste like a regular peppermint candy cane? What a pretty holiday candy cane treat. EOM