Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Maple KitKat Taste Test along with Couture Maple Syrup

A KitKat flavor I haven't tried yet? Yes please! Thank you Megan for finding these! 

I do indeed love Maple, as do many of my family members. When Megan pulled these out after we got to Colorado I was excited to try them! It's a good thing I brought all these other maple items to try along with it. 

We picked these up at the Couture Maple Shop when we were in Vermont. Jacques and Pauline Couture showed us everything that went into making maple syrup from their groves of maple trees, to the sugar shack, to the kitchens where they make all their delicious products. We'll be tasting 4 different grades of maple syrup (lightest flavor to strongest), maple cream, maple peanuts and almonds, maple cotton candy, maple sugar candy, and maple drops. Let's get started!
KitKat releases a few flavors in the USA every year, but somehow all the best flavors come out of Japan. That's true for this one as well.
There's a conservation theme going on with this packaging. The words on the front translate into something like "Let's think about the future of the earth together". The packaging has a mountain scene, giraffes, polar bears, and sea turtles. 

Amongst the Japanese characters on the back, there's also a sticker showing the ingredients in English. I'm happy to see that there's real Maple Sugar high on the list of ingredients. Hopefully that'll give it a good maple flavor. 

Each of the mini KitKat packages has a special design too with penguins, camels, green plants, and flamingos. 

The KitKat themselves have a pale tan color. If it's meant to be maple colored it's on the delicate end of the scale. Let's taste it!

The creme around these wafers is white chocolate, so as not to influence the flavor that they're going for. 

The maple has a little bit of a burnt flavor to it. It has a very strong resemblance to Maple Nut Goodies. The maple is there, but not super strong. You don't get the feeling like you're eating pancakes, like you might on many other maple flavored treats.  

Now it's time to try all these tasty maple items we brought with us. I like tasting all the different flavored Maple Syrup grades. Golden Delicate, Amber Rich, Dark Robust, and Very Dark Strong. 

It's interesting to see how everyone has different preferences. Some like it light and sweet, others like it a little darker. Maple Cream is also quite tasty! 

Maple Cotton Candy is a favorite of Ian's. 

Patrick tried dunking it in his coffee with the expected results. 

He was trying to imitate the raccoon that washes his cotton candy before eating it and also has the same expected results. 

Everything from the Couture Maple Shop is so good. I really like the Maple Sugar candies.
So out of everything, which one would you like to take to the movies? I would want those Maple Sugar candies. Many like the peanuts and almonds too. 
Megan - Give me a bottle of maple syrup and a straw. 
Ha! That would be good too!

Thank you Megan for picking these Japanese Maple Kit Kat! I love trying something new!

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  1. Megan: "Give me a bottle of maple syrup and a straw" :-) :-)...I know what she thinks of the maple syrup! Any of those Couture Maple Shop goodies would be perfect at the movie theaters (except the syrup & cream, which I'd leave at home for my pancakes and waffles :-) ) Maple Syrup Kit Kat sounds like it wasn't too bad...packaging was colorful (kids must have liked all those animals on it, too) Poor raccoon...couldn't understand how the cotton candy disappeared under its nose!...cute and funny to see. EOM