Saturday, December 18, 2021

Mystery ICEE taste test

The kids love frozen drinks and they were especially excited to see these frozen mystery treats at our local Walmart. 

A friend of mine on Facebook posted that she'd recently been at a Target, and their ICEE machine had a Baby Narwhal flavor. She'd wondered what Baby Narwhal tasted like since their ICEE machine has been broken for so long. She sent me a link to these frozen treats and suggested we give them a try. That totally sounds like something we could do!

The box doesn't give anything away as to the flavor. Both are just a mystery. 

The ingredient list isn't any help either. Only Natural and Artificial flavors. Better give them a taste!

Alli will be trying the Baby Narwhal flavor today. She said it tasted like Cotton Candy, Strawberries, and Pina Colada. That's a lot of flavors!
I tried it and I got a bit of Chinese Melon flavor as well. 
It's a tasty flavor!
Theresa thought it had a waxy cherry chapstick flavor. So maybe it's not for everybody. 

Ian was in charge of tasting the Mermaid Mystery Flavor. He decided it tastes a lot like Blue Raspberry. I'll agree with him on that. 

Thanks Claire for the suggestion to try this one! It was fun!


  1. Mystery flavors!...interesting way to grab a person's interest to buy and try it. Sounds like the Mermaid one was a little more straight forward than the Baby Narwhal. The box packaging is very colorful and "fun-looking." EOM

  2. Yeah mermaid flavor is hard to guess. I tasted a bit of bubble gum. Mermaid flavor is great! Definitely taste blueberry and a hint of something else.