Friday, December 3, 2021

Nestle Quik Chocolate Wafer Bar - from Korea

A little while back, Uncle Jacob surprised us with a few treats from overseas. Sometimes I hold on to treats for a while until I get around to taste testing them. Now we get to try them while we're in Colorado!

The package translates to Nestle Nesquik Chocolate Wafers + Milk. 
Overseas KitKat bars are made by Nestle. I wonder if these will be similar. 

I love that my Mom has all these Nestle Quik items from the 80s. 

Ian is showing Aunt Megan how to make chocolate milk. 

How many scoops of Nesquik powder Ian? Five?!?

Oh my. But I guess that works! It'll be extra chocolatey, just like it should be. 

The inside has lots of wafer layers, 

The Nestle Quik bar tasted like a regular chocolate wafer bar. Similar chocolate to a KitKat. I'm not sure what exactly would make it taste more like the Nestle Quik milk. 

But the Nestle Quik milk is delicious! That's the flavor I grew up with and it's what I think of when I make chocolate milk. Hershey's syrup has a darker flavor that's a little more harsh. Nestle Quik Chocolate Milk powder gives you a sweet and chocolatey milk that's always tasty!


  1. Adorable Nestle Quik 80's cup and spoon...letting the next generation experience it, too! I remember enjoying Nestle Quik Chocolate milk growing up, too...can still picture that metal rectangular can with the top you "pry" open with the end of a spoon! The Nestle Quik chocolate wafer bar sounds enjoyable too...especially if you like chocolate wafer cookies (like I do :-) ) As Ian was spooning in the chocolate, looks like Megan was thinking, "That's going to be a super chocolatey drink there!" :-) EOM

    1. Oh yes. Definitely remember needing a spoon to pry open the circular lid to get to the powder inside.