Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Merry Christmas from Colorado - 2021/11/26

Merry Christmas! While we're in Colorado celebrating Thanksgiving, we're also going to have a Christmas celebration too. 

The kids all helped Gram get her Christmas village set up. 

And then we all got to work decorating the tree. Dad, Patrick and I helped with the lights. Megan added all the beads. Everyone else added ornaments. 

We've done Christmas at my parents' house for I don't know how many years. This year we're mixing it up and celebrating at Patrick and Megan's house. I don't know how it came up, but somehow the kids decided they wanted to do a sleepover and wake up there on "Christmas" morning. They've got their pillows and an overnight bag and they're ready to go. 

Sleepovers always have a bit of fun mixed in. Like movie snacks!

And Christmas movies! We watched the Prep and Landing series on Disney+. I love those Christmas Elves. 

Before bed, they read books to each other. We sang Christmas songs together, and then they went to sleep. 

The Christmas songs were a lot of fun.

It was a very late night after getting back to my parents' house, but Cinnamon Rolls are a requirement for Christmas morning. According to the timestamp on the photo, I finished up right at 2am. 

The next morning we all met up at my brother's house. They had a Christmas Hat bin by the front door for anyone who wanted one. I brought my own!

Let's tuck in to a yummy breakfast!

Along with my Cinnamon Rolls, Megan made her version of Cheddar and Sausage balls. They were crunchy and delicious! It was a fantastic breakfast and a great start to the day. 

The kids were really excited to open presents. 

Who should get the first one? 

How about Avery! She's getting a big maker-space for Christmas and so we got her lots of craft items. The pink and blue glitter glue were a big hit. 

Ian has been talking nonstop about the fun plastic-wrap game that we're going to play. Before that though, they each got their own to unwrap with lots of toys and presents inside. 

And new watches! Those will be great! They'll be able to tell the time and keep track of their walking miles! Perfect for our 500 challenge!

After presents, the kids got right to work, making crafts and presents for everyone else. 

They made "stockings", hung them by the fireplace, and filled them with presents. 

Thank you kids!

Pipe cleaner necklaces and bracelets for everyone!

Theresa on guitar and Megan on the piano entertained us all with Christmas carols. 

Here's the plastic-wrap game the kids have been looking forward to much. It's fast-paced action. While you're trying to unwrap it, the person after you is rolling two dice. As soon as they get doubles, your turn is over and the ball moves on to the next person. 

It was filled with so many fun treats. After the game the trading began, swapping candy bars for fuzzy socks, glowsticks for a present to give someone else, etc. 

For dinner it's another celebratory meal. Cheese fondue is a favorite of everyone. 

And for dessert, a chocolate fondue with lots of things to dip in it. 

What a great Christmas celebration! 

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  1. The Christmas Eve sleepover was quite a hit...singing carols (everyone really got into the spirit!)...munching on popcorn while enjoying favorites on the screen...then having all the kids wake up together for Christmas morning!! Those Christmas villages are always so beautiful. What a celebration on Christmas Day!...starting w/ a breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls, cheddar & sausage balls, and fresh fruit (everything looks delicious!), followed by present openings and creative present-making by the kids (what colorful pipe cleaner jewelry!...already see Avery making use of that glitter glue!), more carols (Theresa is really enjoying the guitar playing), fun plastic wrap game (who thought that up? Very ingenious and sounds sooooooooooo fun!!!), then concluding with a favorite meal & dessert of cheese fondue and chocolate fondue...what a day to remember and treasure! EOM