Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Epcot Holiday Cookie Stroll 2021

I love all the different festivals and experiences there are to do here in Florida at Disney World. There's a Cookie Stroll around Epcot? Let's do it!

Epcot is celebrating the Festival of the Holidays, and there's more than a dozen booths set up around the park showcasing foods from different countries. At many of those booths, they have a specific festival cookie. Once you buy 5 cookies, you return to the Holiday Sweets and Treats booth to get a free bonus cookie! 

We started our cookie stroll at 4:45pm on a Wednesday. The park was crowded with guests all looking to buy dinner from the booths, but it was well organized and the lines moved faster than expected. 

First cookie purchased! It's the SNICKERS-Doodle Cookie from the Yukon Holiday Kitchen in Canada. Cookies cost $2.50 at every location, and when you purchase it, you get a stamp in your guide booklet. It even looks like the SNICKERS-Doodle cookie that we received!

Pose for me kids!

The cookie has an icing drizzle and a clump of Snickers in the middle. 

We found a real table (not the top of a trash can like so many others have posted about) and Theresa got to work splitting up the cookie for us. She spread Snickers all over so that everyone could have a bite. 

The SNICKERS-Doodle cookies was... not good. I was expecting Cinnamon and Sugar, you know, like a Snickerdoodle cookie. What I got was a bland cakey cookie that had no flavor. There wasn't any Cinnamon Sugar at all in it. The toppings were meh. This cookie was a disappointment to all, including the kids. Ian thinks it's not quite all the way bad, but not good. And Alli usually likes everything. If Alli says it's not good, then it must be pretty bad. Let's hope the next one is better. 

At the L'Chaim! Holiday Kitchen near the back of the park, our next cookie is a Black and White cookie. 

Theresa - It still looks wet. 
That's because it is still wet. This cookie must have been made recently. 

Theresa went to cutting it. 

But had to cut it into eight pieces, so that we could try each of the flavors. And how were those flavors? 

Let's just say that Theresa and I disagreed with the kids on this one. Is this the same cookie as the first one we tried? It was also bland and cake-like, but with a different topping. And that topping tastes just like the icing you'd get on a donut. A chocolate donut icing and a vanilla donut icing. So far these cookies are not wow-ing us. 
Ian thought the chocolate one was good, but didn't like the vanilla. Alli is giving a good review to both sides. 

And my little baby birds are eating the crumbs that get scraped off the plate. 

Our next cookie is a Chocolate Crinkle Cookie made with Dove Dark Chocolate from the American Holiday Table in the United States pavilion. After those first two cookies, we need something to impress us. 
And this one was so much better than the first two! The chocolate cookie was similar to a chewy brownie, which we both love, and the dark chocolate square (which Theresa managed to cut into fourths) added a great chocolate punch! New favorite cookie! 

Let's head to Germany to the Bavaria Holiday Kitchen to pick up a Linzer Cookie. 

I do like this style of cookie! It's a tasty cookie with a dusting of powdered sugar and a sweet jam filling. 

Ian took one bite and was done. He hates it. Maybe it's the raspberry jam. I tried it and thought it was delicious! I love that sweet raspberry filling. Theresa thought it was tasty, but still likes the Chocolate cookie best. 

After completing a loop of the different country pavilions, we're back at the Port of Entry at the Holiday Hearths Desserts booth to buy our last cookie. It's a Gingerbread cookie! We know all about these, having made them multiple times this year. 

I see you down there Alli. Always trying to sneak into my "product shot" pictures. 

The gingerbread had a good ginger flavor. The texture was a little weird. It was too thin to be chewy, and too thick to be crispy. They did fine. Our homemade ones were way better. 

Our cookie booklet is complete! We've tried 5 different cookies from all around the world, and got the corresponding stamps that go with it. 

The Holiday Sweets and Treats booth has our free completer cookie for finishing the Cookie Stroll!

Plus they gave us some other surprise presents too! There's a cardboard ornament from Freeform to hang on our tree. Theresa and Alli were convinced it was cookie scented. When Ian and I smelled it, we could only smell cardboard. And one other bonus surprise was a mini Chocolate Peppermint Sundae! It's chocolate soft serve, topped with whipped cream and peppermint pieces. Yum! 

I had read ahead of time that you received this, but wanted the kids to be surprised. It was supposed to come in this cute glass cup, with the different holiday cookies you tried on the sides, but the booth ran out of the cups an hour before we arrived. D'oh! Oh well, it's not like we have a ton of space in the RV for them anyway. Picture is from the DisneyFoodBlog where I got more of my information about the Festival this year. 

The kids didn't care though! We did it! 

Our Holiday Cookie Stroll Completer Treat stamp. 

And I love that the cookie is shaped like an ornament. The kids tried to identify as many characters as they could on the picture. We recently visited the Magic Kingdom where I insisted we go see the Country Bear Jamboree. I was singing them "Blood On The Saddle" and they were wondering if I'd made it up. They hated me singing it by the way. When they saw Big Al singing it they finally knew where it was coming from (and they started singing it themselves). Seeing Big Al on the cookie was a treat, and they wanted to be sure I got that bite. 

That is one thick layer of frosting on top. 

What's it taste like Alli?
It's got a cinnamon cookie as the base. This should have been the base of that SNICKERS-Doodle cookie!
The top is a sweet icing, which they liked. If you like sweet, you'll like this one. You can buy it individually for $3 without having to do the stroll. 

Ian thought it was great! It's his favorite cookie of the night. 
Alli, are you giving it a 4? 
Alli - A four and a half. My thumb is halfway up. 
Ah, my bad. 
Alli's favorite cookie of the stroll was the Black and White cookie. Theresa liked the Chocolate Crinkle, and I like the Linzer cookie. For $12.50, we received 6 holiday cookies and a free mini ice cream sundae. Plus we got to enjoy walking around the park. 

And how is that Chocolate Peppermint Sundae? 
Theresa - It's way better than all those cookies we just tried. 
I'm with you there. The chocolate and peppermint go great together on an ice cream!
It was a really fun time doing something new for us at Epcot!

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  1. You all came prepared for an evening Holiday Cookie Stroll with your neon vests (perfectly matched colors with whatever color top one is wearing, too) Cute "baby birds" eating the crumbs from the plate :-) The cookies weren't quite the "wow" treat as one hoped for, but the surprise Chocolate Peppermint Sundae helped make up for it despite the backup cup...the original cup was so nicely decorated. The Chocolate Crinkle sounds like the one for me; but the bonus 50th Cookie wins hands down for the detail w/ the various characters and icons represented, and its "ornament" shape. Just think, you even got the honors on Big Al! That was a fun evening stroll with leisurely cookie bites along the way! EOM