Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Gingerbread KitKat and Gingerbread Cookie Taste Test

I guess we love gingerbread because we've got yet another fun gingerbread taste test to try today. 

Today it's a Gingerbread KitKat taste test, along with homemade gingerbread cookies!

The cookies come together easy enough. 

But this time I'm making royal icing too! Powdered sugar, pasteurized egg whites, and vanilla get whipped together until they form a white paste. 

And with the help of a little bit of food coloring, we'll have lots of different colors to decorate with. 

Icing is delicious, even when it's not on a cookie. 

We've got lots of different participants in cookie decorating today! People like showing off their artistic side. 

Ian made Mister Peppermint Pants, using crushed peppermint disks and frosting to hold them in place. 

Alli is doing a nice fill on a red Christmas stocking. Avery is watching for some pointers. 

And then making her own two beautiful gingerbread cookies. I love the star sprinkles on the top of the Christmas tree. 

Ian's got a Butterscotch pants Mickeybreadman to go along with Mister Peppermint Pants. 

Pat and Megan are helping out too. Patrick has a square-grid going on for something. 

Theresa is very detail oriented. That knife was for cutting sprinkles to size for use in her Minnie Christmas Wreath. Placement via toothpick helped nail the precise location for those sprinkles to end up. 

And I'm getting involved in the cookie decorating too! 

From left to right, the columns on the yellow sheet belong to Ian, Avery, and Alli. Nice work kids!
Ah, Patrick was making a Rubik's Cube cookie! He also made that upside down tree robot-looking thing. Megan was responsible for some of the tie-dye cookies, the gingerbread men on the bottom, and the fancy tree. Theresa made the Minnie Wreath and the white gingermouse. I made the Mickey Earth and butterscotch star. Everyone had fun with it. 

After all that, I hope the KitKat bars can live up to the goodness that is a gingerbread cookie. 

Aww. I saw this too late. I totally would have saved some icing to make these little guys from the back of the bag. 

How do the Gingerbread Kit Kat smell? Weird, they smell a little bit Mapley. 
And as for taste? It has a whisper of gingerbread flavor to it. It's white chocolate but the gingerbread isn't all that strong. Unfortunate. These are good, but it could have been better. 

The kids don't mind if it doesn't have a strong flavor though. They will give it a thumbs up. 

And our homemade gingerbread cookies with all our decorations were excellent! Soft and chewy and full of good flavor! 

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  1. much cuteness and creativity in the gingerbread cookies decoration!...the use of candy bits and a tie dye look added a new dimension to the decorating. Star sprinkles for the Christmas tree top was the perfect choice. Talking about detail...splitting sprinkles and then using a toothpick to arrange those tiny pieces required a lot of patience and a steady hand! The KitKat candy didn't have too much of a chance against soft, chewy, and freshly made gingerbread cookies! But it sounds like the KitKat put up a good fight :-) So much fun making and decorating the cookies...everyone had their personal touch there!! EOM