Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Gingerbread Snap'd Mountain Dew Taste Test

It's the holidays which means it's time for some of the more interesting holiday treats to come out. My brother loves Mountain Dew in all forms, so it was no surprise to see that he's got something new for us to try. 

What is surprising though is the flavor. Gingerbread Snap'd Mountain Dew! A gingerbread flavored soda? I'm intrigued!

And with all the taste tests that we do here, we've got to have it going up against the real thing. Let's make some gingerbread cookies!

Last year we made a whole bunch of soft gingerbread cookies, decorated them, and gave them out to friends. I'm using the same recipe this year from Sally's Baking Addiction, but remembering that they didn't like the strong molasses flavor. I'll be using half molasses and half of my parents' own homemade honey!

Add everything to the very convenient stand mixer (too bad I don't have one of these in the RV). 

And everything gets whipped up into this fluffy mix. 

Next all the dry ingredients get added to the mixer. 

I split the dough into two separate disks and refrigerated them overnight. 

Paging Santa's Helpers!
All three kids came running to help cut out and bake the gingerbread cookies. 

They took turns cutting out their favorites shapes. 

One at a time until there wasn't any more room in the dough to cut out another shape. 

Then we crumpled it back up, re-rolled the dough, and went for another round. 

And it's not just for kids. The adults had fun cutting out shapes too. 

Time to taste it against the Gingerbread Snap'd Mountain Dew!
The label shows a fight between waring gingerbread clans. The guy on the right is about to get nailed with a snowball from the eye-patched gingerbread man on the left. 

It does have a bit of a gingerbread smell to it. The clear color is interesting. I suppose they wanted to shy away from a normal gingerbread brown colored soda. 

And how does it taste? 
I'm getting a very cola taste from this. There is a little bit of gingerbread flavor coming through also. It reminded me a little bit of the Mezzo Mix from Germany, which is an orange and cola flavored soda. It thought it was tasty, but could have had a stronger gingerbread flavor to the whole thing. 

What do the kids think about Mountain Dew Gingerbread Snap'd? 

Alli is a fan. The other two aren't. 
But they all loved their gingerbread cookies!


  1. Like your "Paging Santa's Helpers!"...sure enough, they heard the call and eagerly responded :-)...lots of fun cutting out the cookies by the young ones and the young-at-heart ones! Some homemade honey magic made the gingerbread cookies even yummier! Cute labels on the soda bottles...Patrick's expression seems to say "not impressed" after tasting the soda...Ian's eyes says, "What was that?" Interesting taste least the gingerbread cookies saved the day for some people. EOM