Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Gingerbread Oreo cookie and crunchy gingerbread cookie taste test

More Gingerbread? Why not. We've got even more gingerbread items to try, so you know what that means. We're back in the kitchen and we're baking again. 

This time we're going to be trying a new Oreo flavor for the holidays. This time we're trying Gingerbread Oreos! And instead of trying our regular soft chewy gingerbread cookie recipe, we're going to try a crunchy gingerbread cookie. If you've tried the Pepperidge Farm Gingerman cookies, that's what we're going for.  

Recipes for those kinds of cookies were a little difficult to come by, but eventually I found one I was happy trying. It's from for Ginger Man cookies. It starts like most recipes do with brown sugar, molasses, eggs, and vanilla. But this time there's shortening added to the mix. 

All that got creamed together and then the flour and other dry ingredients get added. Once again I have Megan helping me out in the kitchen.  

After mixing together, the recipe said the dough is ready to roll out. 

Having baked similar cookies before though, I'm going to wrap this dough in plastic and put it in the fridge to chill for a while. 

Ah. Thank you for taking care of the cleanup Megan. 

We'll be using the dining room table to roll out our cookies before baking. The dough is very wet so I tossed down a good layer of flour. Coming through the window was a perfect little rainbow. 

Theresa loves these crunchy gingerman cookies too so she'll be helping out with the rest of this. One of the best parts of these cookies is the crunchy sugar crystals that go on top. Megan cut the shapes and Theresa sprinkled the sugar on them. 

The first few came out of the oven but the sugar crystals didn't stick to them so well. 

Eventually Megan rolled the sugar crystals right along with the dough before cutting out the shapes to make sure it was embedded in the cookies properly. 
The cookies baked at a very low 300F for 15 minutes. I was surprised at how low they cooked at, but sure enough, after letting them cool they were crunchy like I was hoping. 

Our cookies turned out great! They are a little more pale than the Oreo cookies, but honestly they have a much stronger ginger and molasses flavor. 
The Oreo cookies are darker, but I'm sure that's due to added color. The gingerbread flavor is definitely not at "sharp" or "biting" as our homemade cookies. They are a tamed down gingerbread, but still actually pretty tasty. I like that the filling even has big sugar crystals that you crunch down on every once in a while. 

Inside the Oreo package are 5 festive designs. I like the little gingerbread man. 

Alli is excited to give them a try. 
Pop Pop said that gingerbread is one of his favorite kinds of cookie. 

First the homemade gingerbread. It's crunchy like it should be. It's got those big sugar crystals. These are great! The flavor doesn't quite match Pepperidge Farm though. Again, it's a bit stronger than the usual cookie aisle gingerbread. 

And the Oreos? A few people were surprised. These were better than expected. They have a good gingerbread flavor and they are perfect for the holidays. 

Pop Pop gives the Oreos a 9 out of 10. Alli is a bit more harsh giving them a 5. 

But our homemade gingerman cookies? 10s across the board. They're pretty delicious! I would definitely make them again. 

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  1. 10s across the board says it all...such a crispy, tasty homemade gingerbread treat. The Gingerbread Oreos may not be a 10 but they managed to surprise on the upside! those holiday designs (yes, the gingerbread man is especially cute!) Amazing that a rainbow was captured so well on the table. Megan shows us that one is never too old to lick the batter :-)...I'd do the same thing, too! EOM