Thursday, December 30, 2021

Holiday Treats - Funfetti Candy Canes

Maybe I'm just noticing it this year, but the candy cane company Spangler has gone all out in making different candy cane flavors this year.

Knowing I like to try all sorts of crazy stuff, and also because it went along with our "Try All the Funfetti things" taste test, the kids surprised me with a box of these Funfetti Candy Canes!

The box of Funfetti Candy Canes looks super colorful. And we just can't have these candy canes by themselves. We're going to have to make some Funfetti cupcakes to go along with it!
Fortunately I know just the right person to do it. Aubrey has been making Funfetti cupcakes since she was a little girl, and once my kids came along, they started making them with her too. Aubrey's boyfriend Jared will be helping today too. 

Jared is showing off his special mixing technique while the kids observe. 

It's a little messy, but Aubrey and Alli were able to fill up all those silicone cupcake molds and get them into the oven. 

Those smell delicious! Once they cooled off, the two of them started the work of frosting them. 

And then adding the best part. The Funfetti sprinkles!

I see what you're doing Alli. Just eating those sprinkles straight from the container. 

Yum! You did a wonderful job! Those look amazing and I'm sure they're going to taste amazing. 

The whole family gathered to give them a try. Abby's boyfriend Carson thinks they're pretty awesome. 

And the rest of the family agreed. Funfetti cupcakes are great. 

But what about the Funfetti Candy Canes? You know, the whole reason for writing this post. 
I knew from looking at them that the colorful dots must have been printed on the cellophane and not on the candy itself. I do see a few tiny dots of color on the white candy cane though so... at least they tried? 
The flavor of the Funfetti Candy Cane really surprised me. It tastes just like a Funfetti Cupcake! They have that cakey flavor along with the sweetness. Everyone who tried them agreed. They are really good! Good job Spangler for nailing the Funfetti flavor!

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  1. The baton has passed...Aubrey is now the adult supervising the kids (Ian & Alli) when making Funfetti cupcakes!...kind of neat seeing this happen...shows how time really flies, and the cupcakes are as delicious as ever! The Funfetti Candy Cane may not have looked super colorful after the cellophane wrapper was removed (that wrapper was pretty w/ all those colored "funfetti" spots) but it still amazed with its accurate capture of the Funfetti cupcake taste. Another fun holiday treat(s). EOM