Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Skittles Yogurt - Original, Wild Berry, and Smoothies taste test comparison

Wait! Skittles is making yogurt now? 

As we were walking through a local grocery store in Hershey Pennsylvania, Ian happened to spot something new when we were going down the yogurt aisle. 

Ian - Daddy! Skittles!
Alli - Can we buy it Daddy? And do a taste test? 

After confirming that they had all 3 of the flavors of Skittles yogurt, I agreed. Who knew the harder part would actually be finding the Skittles to try them with. We drove to 4 stores just to find that bag of Wild Berry Skittles. 

Our three flavors of yogurt that we'll be tasting today are: Wild Berry, Original, and Smoothies.

One of the questions I had going into this was, would the yogurt taste like a specific flavor in the bag, or is it just the general idea of putting a handful of that flavor Skittles in your mouth and that would be the taste. 
It seems like they're trying to match the yogurt to the color on the bag versus any particular Skittle.  

The Original Skittles yogurt is appropriately bright red. 

And Smoothies is pink. 
And I know with Smoothies they're going for a lighter pastel color palate, but Theresa said it just looks like these are a bunch of old Skittles whose color has started to turn. 

Along with our 3 yogurts, we're also going to be sampling each of the flavors of Skittles from their respective bags. 

Everyone got their Skittles, a spoon, and ready to go? 

The Smoothies Skittles will be first. There's 5 different flavors to each of these. Peach Guava, Raspberry, Strawberry Banana, Mango, and Blueberry. 

Do Skittles have a particular flavor that stands out to you? I know that Starburst Strawberry has a very specific flavor for my taste buds, but Skittles just have a generic fruity candy flavor to me. 
The yogurt might say Skittles on the front, but it tastes like regular Strawberry Banana yogurt. I don't think anything stands out about it. 

Will Original Skittles be any different? There's 5 flavors to choose from. Strawberry (thank you for not making it Cherry), Lemon, Green Apple (curse you for taking away Lime), Orange, and Grape. 

Someone really likes Green Apple Skittles. 
Again the Original Skittles Yogurt tasted like regular strawberry yogurt to me. Looking at some labels, the Original Skittles yogurt has 160 calories. The Yoplait Strawberry yogurt has 150 calories and 3 grams less sugar. 

Finally it's time for the Wild Berry Skittles. The 5 flavors are Wild Cherry (is that a berry?), Strawberry, Raspberry, Berry Punch, and Melon Berry. And the answer is no. Berries are a fruit that has 2 or more seeds. Cherries, with just the 1 pit each, are classified as Drupes, or Stone Fruits. 

Someone does not like the taste of one of those Skittles. 
The yogurt tasted like a generic berry blend. Maybe this is on me, and my taste buds aren't sensitive enough to distinguish the subtle Skittles tweaks that Yoplait has added to these yogurts. Or maybe these are generic yogurts with Skittles on the front to create brand recognition and tempt you to purchase it. Hmm. 

A look at the ingredients for each of the yogurts reveals their dominant flavors. 
Wild Berry Skittles Yogurt - Raspberries and Strawberries
Original Skittles Yogurt - Strawberries
Smoothies Skittles Yogurt - Strawberries, Raspberries, Bananas, Blueberries

The kids had no problem finishing off the rest of the yogurt. They love the stuff!

And what was our favorite Skittles flavor? 
Even with 15 choices, everyone chose something from the Original line-up. Grape for me, Green Apple for Ian, and Strawberry for Alli. Theresa, that's cheating, you can't hold up Strawberry and Grape together. 
Theresa - Sometimes I feel like Strawberry and sometimes I feel like Grape!
Hmm. Well, it was an excuse to eat a few Skittles, so I'd say it was a good taste test. And now I have some ideas on another big taste test we can hold... I'm going to need to find a few more bags of Skittles!


  1. A colorful taste test with all those Skittles! Even though the yogurts weren't extraordinary, like you said, a bunch of Skittles were enjoyed in the process :-) You were quite determined to find those Wild Berry Skittles since you had to search 4 stores until success! Agree w/ Theresa that the supposedly pastel Smoothies Skittles looked like faded candies :-) Ian had quite a "Wow, Yummy" look when he had the Green Apple one! He should savor that flavor while he can because the makers of Skittles announced this past September that the Lime will permanently replace the Green Apple in the Original Skittles packages (you must be excited to hear that, and Ian will probably be disappointed) The Lime should begin showing up in some shelves in October, with a nationwide rollout in the next few months (at least according to the news). Theresa's response, "sometimes I feel like strawberry, and sometimes I feel like grape" immediately made me think of the Almond Joy/Mounds commercial where they sing, "sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't!" :-) I always did like the commercial and both candies! EOM

  2. Speaking of Lime it is already back in the original Skittle bags, look for bags that say "The Original Lime-Up"