Friday, October 1, 2021

Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer and Polar Pop Birch Beer taste test comparison

While walking through a local grocery store (not Walmart) Theresa noticed a brand of soda she'd never seen before. Birch Beer? What's Birch Beer? I haven't even heard of it before. That sounds like it should be a taste test!

They only had Diet Birch Beer at the grocery store we were at. I couldn't find the regular version anywhere. I did find a clear version though which I saw is called White Birch Beer. 
What does it smell like Alli? 
She thought it smelled a little like cherry or Dr Pepper. 

It tastes a whole lot like Root Beer. It's super carbonated and has a pretty strong flavor. 

Theresa - It feels like I'm drinking bubbles. There's too much carbonation. It has a flavor similar to Barq's Root Beer.  

Time to give the Polar Pop White Birch Beer a try. Cheers again!

This one has a much more subtle flavor. It's still like Root Beer but turned down a bit. It was a little odd getting a root beer flavor out of something that is clear. The carbonation is also a lot lower.  

Which one do the kids' like? Definitely the Polar Pop version of Birch Beer. They got to pour themselves a second cup. 

I'm glad we ran across this new brand of soda! Traveling around the country, I like it when we find something local that's new to us!

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  1. Alli & Ian are super intent pouring the soda so nothing spills or overflows...looks like they succeeded! That super carbonation in the diet Birch Beer probably left your stomachs gurgling :-) The clear Polar Birch Beer with its lowered carbonation and root beer flavor sounds like it would agree better with me :-)...sounds refreshing. Birch Beer is definitely a new brand to me, too...Cheers to everyone! EOM