Thursday, October 21, 2021

Beech Hill Farms Ice Cream New Hampshire

There's so many tasty places to visit while we're in New Hampshire! Today we're stopping by a "Don't Miss" ice cream stand according to Yankee Magazine. 

Beech Hill Farm and Ice Cream Barn is celebrating 250 Years of operation! Nine generations of the Kimball family have been working this farm!

The Ice Cream barn is a newer addition from 1996, but it's got our attention. 

Going on a Friday, it wasn't too crowded. I'm sure it gets a little more crazy on the weekends. 

Good advice. 

Baskin Robbins might have 31 flavors, but the Beech Hill Farms Ice Cream shop boasts over 75 flavors! 

And there's even seasonal flavors, like Pumpkin Praline, Apple Pie, and Pumpkin Oreo. Oh man. I would have loved to just get a sample of all the flavors. Ian was wondering how much that kind of taste test would cost. 

And speaking of costs, local ice cream is never cheap. A mini cup goes for $3.60, small $3.95, medium $4.65, and large $5.25. Considering we buy 1.5 quarts of ice cream from Walmart for $2, these are a luxury. Ian reminded us though that there's only a few flavors of Walmart ice cream, but they have 75!

I think the sizing is a little messed up, at least on the medium ice cream. 

Dipped cone. Dipped cone. Waffle bowl. Pickle? What's the pickle jar doing there?  

Alli asked for the Watermelon sherbet. She loved it! She thought it tasted like the Jolly Rancher. I had a taste and it was delicious! 

I don't think you can go wrong with Vanilla Toasted Coconut. It was very similar to the Toasted Coconut that Kilwins makes. There was toasted coconut, but they also had chocolate covered toasted coconut and plenty of it! I thought it was very tasty. 

Ian went with the Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet. He thought it was tasty. It was a subtle lemon flavor, but good. 
Theresa asked if the Mint Chocolate Chip or Peppermint Stick was better. She got the Mint Chocolate Chip, and it was good like it normally is. 

After our ice cream, it was time to go explore the rest of the farm. 

There's bunnies and chickens in a cage nearby. Perhaps they're making plans for Easter. 

Goats in a pen, and they even had a kids' playground inside for them to play on top of. 

The pigs are tired. 

There's a peacock and a peahen. Alli enjoys collecting bird feathers and was hoping for a peacock feather to find its way out of the coop. 

Not far away the chickens are scratching around looking for bugs. They were interested when we came to visit, but we don't have any feed. What about grass? It's the same stuff that they've got inside, but they seemed interested. 

So the kids fed them stalks of grass until they stopped being interested. 

I'm used to seeing green headed ducks, but not brown ones. 

In another pen there was a pony along with a bunch of other animals. 

The pony liked getting the attention and hated it when the other animals were getting it. The kids labeled it as "mean". It would rush over and push whatever the other animal was out of the way. 

A donkey! 

We heard a really low rumbling growl and looked up to see a ram. 

The animals in here seem hungry. They are eating the little pieces of grass near the fenceline as best they can. The pony has even learned to push the fence down with its hoof and nibble the grass. 

Right beside the pen there's a lot of overgrown grasses. Ian and I gathered up a few handfuls. 

The pony was very interested. 

I kept the pony distracted while Ian and Alli took care of the other animals. 

Alli kept the goat fed. 

Just a little closer. A little closer please!

And finally at another pasture, we found the cows. Thank you girls for the milk to make the tasty ice cream! 

Want some grass? They were a little more cautious about accepting treats from strangers. 
Beech Hill Farms was tasty, and a fun place to visit!

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  1. Started in the country even became a nation! Lots of different animals to see and feed at Beech Hill Farm. A jealous pony? wonder the kids thought the pony was mean! The goat really pushed its head out of the fence to get at the grass from Alli...goats can really get aggressive when trying to eat things! So many ice cream flavors to choose from...that Watermelon Sherbet sounds yummy since it reminds Alli of the Jolly Ranchers (watermelon is my favorite Jolly Rancher flavor)...chocolate covered toasted coconut also sounds delicious since I like chocolate & coconut! (too many favorite flavors!) Fun and yummy visit to the Beech Hill Farm. EOM