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The Flowers Explore - Currier and Ives Scenic Byway - 2021/09/24

You've heard of Currier and Ives in the popular Christmas song "Sleigh Ride" about how "It'll nearly be like a picture print by Currier and Ives. These wonderful things are the things we remember all through our lives."

Nathanial Currier and James Merritt Ives were American printmakers from 1834-1895 who were self described as "Publishers of Cheap and Popular Prints." The firm generated black and white lithographs which were then hand colored. They made 2-3 new images each week for 64 years! There's at least 7500 unique prints that are known!

Their scenic landscapes, especially the winter ones, were especially popular. 
All of us loaded into the car and drove the 75 minutes North. 

The weather forecast was questionable to go today, but there's not a lot of choices. Decided to go for it anyhow, but ran into a massive downpour. 

After that long in the car, we need to stop for a facilities break. You know, I have a spot that just might work. 

We were minutes from Sandy Beach Campground. We were just here 10 days ago! 

Stopping by the game room, the kids played a little bit of ping pong. 

Just outside the campground is the beautiful Hopkinton Dam covered bridge. 

And it goes over the Contoocook River, with the leaves changing on the trees. 

We had a pleasant drive along the Byway, enjoying the different sights. Like this field of Wild Turkeys. 

And it's always interesting to see the covered bridges. 

This one is the Contoocook Railroad Covered Bridge. Built in 1849, and rebuilt in 1889, it's the oldest surviving covered railroad bridge in the World!

Beautiful views. 

At the Blackwater Dam, we drove to the top of the berm expecting to see a lake on the other side. All of us were a bit surprised to see dry ground and a big open field. Looking at the satellite view, I guess there's a small river at the treeline over there, but I guess we can't walk over there. 

We continued along the scenic byway, looking at the trees that are just waiting their turn to start changing. 

After that early downpour, we were fortunate that the rain held off the whole rest of the time. 

It was an enjoyable and relaxing drive along a pretty stretch of New Hampshire. 
If you want to visit, you can find much more information at

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  1. I remember those Currier & Ives Winter Christmas card landscapes!...very quaint scenes. Good thing the rain let up so the scenery could be better viewed and enjoyed. Some very scenic views on that C&I Byway drive...lots of greenery and a "country, homey" feeling at certain points. Covered bridges are interesting sights. Really like that Contoocook River photo showing the rushing water over the rocks. EOM