Thursday, March 14, 2024

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day! We're celebrating with pizza pie! 

And it's Ian's favorite kind. Thin crust pizza!

Theresa knows it's just a delivery system for toppings!

And I've got a bunch of toppings on mine too. 

Super crispy thin crust pizza! Able to hold up to lots of toppings! 
Hope you're celebrating Pi day in your own way! My Sister in law Jess is making Shepard's Pie! That works too! 


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  1. Meat-eater's delight on your "pi"....Ian's is the famous pepperoni special (but now he's expanded w/ a few other toppings :-) )...lots of veggies for Theresa (always a great choice!)...Alli has a mix of meat and veggies (don't want to be too extreme either way :-) ) That's definitely a super-strong thin crust! Happy "pi" day everyone! EOM