Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Mommy-Daughter Day - 2024/02/20

Just like Ian and I were doing a day together, just the two of us, Alli and Theresa are having their own day together! 

Alli mentioned wanting to go out to a coffee shop, but instead made coffee just like Mommy makes in the morning. 

But that doesn't mean Starbucks is completely out the window. They still have delicious treats! Alli decided to get a Starbucks chocolate croissant that she thoroughly enjoyed!
Afterward, Alli really wanted to go shopping! That's mostly what's on her list. Food and shopping! New clothes, like leggings, socks, and shirts. Alli ended up getting three new pairs of legging, two new shirts, a swimsuit and some cute colorful socks.

For lunch, Alli decided she wanted Olive Garden! 

With soup, salad, and breadsticks costing $9, why not just get soup, breadsticks, and spaghetti for $10? 
Alli loves her pasta.  

Dessert anyone? 
Smallcakes is a bakery that USA Today listed as one of the top ten places to try in the country! They've been on many seasons of Cupcake Wars and The View!
This brownie cupcake has a whole two-bite brownie on top of it! 

And they're bringing home a box of treats for everyone to share! 

More treats? It's Mommy-Daughter day so why not? 

Any time Alli has room, she's doing gymnastics. 

One-handed cartwheel. 


Gotta throw two hands up. 

Alli's list included "making something at home". Something like chocolate covered strawberries? That could be delicious!

And they were trying to figure out how to make chocolate covered raisins. So difficult to dip individually. Instead, they skewered multiple raisins on toothpicks and dipped those.  

Once they dried, they went back into the box for a fun sneaky trick. 

Nice Alli. 

Dinner was something a little different. Japanese! Gotta love the tasty fried wontons and California rolls. 

Always on the iPad...

Actually in this case, she's using it as a flashlight to work on her puzzle book! She found this earlier today while shopping and hasn't been able to put it down! 

As Ian and I were wrapping up our day at Bahama Bucks, T asked if she wanted to go join us over there. She declined, saying she'd rather keep working her puzzle book with T. 

And when Ian and I got home, she was quick to offer us a box of raisins...
Tasty chocolate covered raisins! Thanks Alli! Hope you had a fun day! 

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  1. Such a yummy Foodie Day and fun shopping day for just Alli & Theresa! The chocolate-covered raisins on a skewer (and then later into the box) was a great idea to make at home...mmmmm, that chocolate croissant looked delicious...was that a German Chocolate cupcake topping? (that one looked really good!). Puzzle books are such a fun learning tool...Alli definitely enjoyed hers :-) What a special Mother & Daughter day...a beautiful memory to treasure! EOM