Friday, July 5, 2024

2024 Pasadena Chalk Festival - Other Artist's Chalk Murals

The Pasadena Chalk Festival was a blast, and we were just one of hundreds of other artists drawing murals. Here's a page showcasing many of them. Very picture heavy post this time with minimal commenting from me. 

Ruston's first year chalking alone turned out great! 

Our friend Charlotte Scoville did a huge and amazing piece. 

And her husband Curt did a great one as well. 

Our friend Jamie Leake always does something humorous. He said this was inspired by conversations with his son. 

Wet dog. Stinky cheese. Skunk. Dirty Diaper. Racoon with garbage. 

Festival winner for People's Choice and Best in Festival. 

Stephen did an amazing job on these Muppets. They looked so good. 

Winning Most Inspirational. 

Best Animation

Winner of On The Way To MOCA

Our friend Raymond Aguilar always does something inspired by turtles. This is a tribute to the MC Escher of Drawing Hands, but with turtle paws instead.  

And we've got his turtle Stanley here too!

Our neighbor from last year Jennica. Looks great! 

Best Use of Color

Another Pokemon inspired drawing. 

A giant 3D stage! 

They had a constant show of stand-up comedy and karaoke going on. 
And Voted Best 3D Effect

This is a giant 20'x20' mural by members of the Chalk Mafia. They said it wasn't even the biggest they've done, having drawn a 26' one before!

Our friend from year 1 John Vaughn has a lot to do. His favorite part of the festival is walking around and talking with people and encouraging them. 

In the end, I think it was other people who finished the mural. 

Steven could only work on Saturday, but in the short time we saw him, he was always super encouraging. 

Did you see Inside Out 2? I hated Pouchy. 

Voted Most Humorous. 

3rd Best in Festival

Best Rendition of a Masterpiece

Best Technique

Our friend Stacy took 2nd Best in Festival with her Android Woman!

What happens to the murals later? My friend Charlie Sanchez happen to be there a couple days later and caught it on video. (Jump to 3:30 in the video)


  1. So many different mural types to express different creative minds...mythical, serious, whimsical, abstract, imaginative...bright colors, subdued colors, greys...intricate lines, bold swaths...on and on! So wonderful to see all that variety. That "Best of Color" had an eerie, metallic look to unusual. Quite a novel idea to have a constant show of stand-up comedy & karaoke on that 3D mural...all those 3D murals are something else! Thank you for the effort capturing and sharing so many murals! P.S. Unable to watch that "mural wash" video using firefox or chrome...some issue w/ youtube standards. Oh well, I'm sure it was a colorful swirl; so sad to see those artworks get washed down so soon. :-( EOM

    1. That was my bad with it not linking properly. I was trying to have it jump directly to 3:30 in the video, but I must have messed up the coding for it. Should be good now.

    2. Thanks for fixing it. Looks like it lasted 2 days longer (Thursday) than I expected. The "colorful" swirl I thought would happen ended up more like a dark swirl of water...until next year! EOM