Saturday, July 6, 2024

2024 Pasadena Chalk Festival Paintings

The 2024 Pasadena Chalk Festival is mostly about the chalk on the ground, but did you know there's a way to take home some artwork too? All the artists are requested to provide a 1'x1' painting for the Lightbringer Project to auction off to raise money to support the different programs they have throughout the year. See if you can match the chalk artist with their painting! 

I have to start with this painting by my friend Charlotte. She posted a couple pictures while she was working on it, and it was just stunning to see. 

This Elvis painting by Leo Aguirre, which had a record on the back, was in a guitar frame, and floated in mid-air and spun, won for Best Silent Auction. 

Instead of a typical canvas, Kayla Garcia painted a baseball and a hat! 

I thought this one was super cute. 

There's ours! It wound up selling for $45. 

Another Pokemon painting. 

Ian played this "game" a few times, challenging the person running the silent auction. 

Loved the sprinkles and sprinkle border by the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. 

The kids really wanted to bid on our own painting, but it was difficult enough bringing it out in carry-on luggage. We don't need to bring it back. 

At 6pm, there was a flurry of activity as all the last minute bidding came in. People were hovering over their favorite paintings, making sure theirs was the highest bid. 

And in the end, Charlotte's painting sold for $170 (to a completely random person I'm sure, and not just herself, hoping to hang it on the new space she made on her office wall...). 

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  1. Such creativity in the paintings...that stained-glass look on Cinderella's gown to remind us of her glass slipper fragility (loved that idea)...using a baseball cap & ball as a canvas (never thought of that!)...amazing guitar frame for that Elvis painting. The chalk artists really put their hearts into those paintings...very nice! Reality stepped in when bidding for the family's own painting wouldn't be feasible, despite the kids wanting it to happen...sometimes, it's just the memories that will have to suffice. What a wonderful display of artistry by all participants. EOM