Sunday, January 30, 2011

Character Days at Disneyland

In January, Disney really started making use of their Festival arena.  Jan 30th was character days where they brought out fan favorites as voted on by us the fans.  Winners included all 7 dwarfs together, Baloo, King Louie and others. 

Unfortunately it was a very rainy weekend.  Shortly after we got there, the characters disappeared due to the rain and never came back out.

Fortunately Disney had a backup.  There were 3 Disney artists that would draw any character you could ask for.

Our favorite artist was Stacia.  She was very personable and chatted back and forth with everyone who came up.  And she drew everything from memory without referencing any books.  Amazing!  It was a treat just to stand there and watch!  Check out all the different characters she drew for people.  Unfortunately the line was super long, so we didn't get one for ourselves.

The ducks were out in force.

These corn tortillas are great for them.  Yucky for us.

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