Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 New Years Day Animal Kingdom and Epcot

After a long night out for New Years, the next day we were still up early to get to the Animal Kingdom.

In the morning the vet clinic at the back of the park performs check-ups on the animals, and you get to watch! Only way to get there is to take the train.

Walking over to the conservation station. 

First is a checkup for an owl. 

The Safari ride is great for seeing animals up close. 

After the Animal Kingdom, we'd finish our night at Epcot. It's always a treat hearing the Voices of Liberty.

 Before we go, a stop a Celebration Florida to get some toasted coconut ice cream.


  1. Amazing that you all had enough energy for a morning park visit after a long, fun evening/early morning! That yellow frog almost looked unreal. Great safari pictures...perfect timing catching the giraffe's tongue getting the leaves...those horns on that one animal (don't know what the animal is called...reminds me of a longhorn somewhat) looked so big and heavy for the size of the animal's head...amazing-looking! Voices of Liberty...always a treat to listen to. EOM

    1. I believe they're called Watusi cattle and according to our safari driver, the horns are fairly hollow and not that heavy. Good thing for the cow.
      The Voices of Liberty are always a treat. I was very happy when there was a Voices of Liberty group that came out to Disneyland. It was unfortunate they were paired with the Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. I could listen to the Voices of Liberty over and over (as long as they changed things up). But after 2-3 times watching Great Moments, I remember exiting the theater when Voices of Liberty finished up.