Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cirque du Soleil - Ovo in Santa Monica

Mom and Dad came out to visit us here in California.  On their very first night here, we headed out to see the traveling Cirque du Soleil show Ovo.

A quick ride to the parking structure in Santa Monica.  And they even had a shuttle to take us over to the tent instead of walking 15 minutes.

Outside the big top.  

No photos were allowed inside the theater, so I pulled all the rest of these from the web.
The show itself was just amazing!  We have enjoyed all the Cirque shows we've seen, but I think this might be one of our favorites.
It all started off with this guy doing a balancing act.  I've seen people do one handed handstands but I've never seen someone switch back and forth between left and right.  He was really good.

The whole show was bug themed.

These girls were fun to watch.  I had a smile on my face the whole time.  

Balancing on a person's foot.  Wow.

The absolute most amazing part of the night for me was this amazing slack wire artist.  Just walking on the slack wire looks hard enough.  He'd walk back and forth, but that wasn't enough.

He did a handstand on the slack wire.  Then he walked from one side to the other on his hands.  And then he did a one handed handstand.  My face and Theresa's face were both open mouthed and amazed.  

But he wasn't done yet.  Out comes the unicycle.  Back and forth on the unicycle on the slack wire.

This was definitely the highlight of my night. 

After the show, it was a quick ride back to the parking structure and then a ride home on the empty freeways.  Not a bad first day for the parent in California!


  1. Wow! I'm trying to win tickets on the radio for when they come here but I haven't been able to get through yet! Looks fun!

  2. Cool! Hope you win them. You usually have pretty good luck with that stuff.
    We had a great time! Hope you don't freeze in Colorado today.

  3. Even though the show started at 8pm (11pm where we started the day on the east coast)- VERY fun and interesting. AWESOME stuff !! THANK YOU Joe and Theresa !!