Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fogo De Chao

It's Friday and the parents are in town.  For lunch we wanted to plan something special.  Dine LA week is going on, so we made reservations for Fogo De Chao.

What is Fogo De Chao? Only one of the best all you can eat Brazilian grills around!

You flip your coaster over to green if you want them to bring you meat.  I don't even understand why there is a red side on this thing.  Who wouldn't want more meat?

Keep bringing it out!


You also get some of these sides.  I'm sure they're delicious, but why would you eat that when there is meat to be had?

After stuffing ourselves, we drove down to Hermosa Beach to walk off some of our lunch.  What a beautiful day!

Instead of dinner, we just grabbed some Pinkberry.  Something nice and light.

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  1. AWESOME day with Joe and Theresa. The walk was a GREAT idea after satifying that inner carnivore. THANKS guys !!