Monday, February 6, 2012

Randy's Donuts with Mom and Dad

Sunday morning before the Super Bowl!  We all headed out to Randy's Donuts because they've become Theresa's favorite.

The line was longer than we've seen before.  Probably 20 people in front of us getting donuts.

We finally made it to the front and got our tasty donuts.

The night before, Mom and I both watched Iron Man 2.  It was cool seeing the sign that was in the movie.

 I grabbed a photo of everyone.

Then got a photo with all of us.

A minivan that was in the drive-thru rolled down the window and the woman in the passenger's side asked if we'd like to get a photo all together.  Sure!  She had her husband put the van in park and get out to take our photo!  Not exactly what we were expecting, but thank you!  

We had a fun day of running errands and then we watched the Super Bowl!  Go Giants!  Dad made guacamole to enjoy during the game.

For dinner we decided to go big.  Cheese fondue and bread!  And I had a Huckleberry soda.  Very tasty!

And then King Crab legs and Filet Mignon.  Mmm.  

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  1. Another WONDERFUL day with Joe and Theresa. VERY, VERY delicious food. And to top it off - OUTSTANDING Super Bowl outcome !!