Friday, August 31, 2012

Disneyland Expo - 7th Annual Disneyland Half Marathon

It's time for the Disneyland Half Marathon again.  This will be the 7th year we've run it!
Theresa wasn't feeling up for it, but Rita happens to be training for the Detroit Marathon and it fits right in with her training schedule.

 We got to Downtown Disney early to do some shopping and pin trading.

Smile Genie!

Just before noon, we headed over to get in line for our bib pickup.  There was a bit of a line.

I like the nice carpet they have lining the the walkway down to the garage.

They queued us up and gave us instructions.

The floor didn't look too busy, but once you got over to pick up the packet it was more crowded.

Luckily they had four computers for people who forgot bring their waiver form.  I printed ours, but apparently left them on the kitchen counter.

We grabbed our bibs and were ready to go grab our goody bag.  

Me and "Theresa"

Grabbing our picture in front of the Castle display.

Being there early, luckily the Expo floor wasn't too busy.

We went over to pick up our goody bag and t-shirt.

I like the shirt designs this year.

The goody bags leave a lot to be desired though.  What happened this year?  Just one mini Clif Bar and four safety pins? 

There was lots of good stuff at the Official Merchandise booth.

And boy was it crowded.

We also briefly sat and listened to Jeff Galloway.

While we made signs for Sunday.

Then it was time to head back home.  Walking back to the car we passed the finish line.  We'll be crossing this again on Sunday morning!

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