Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Olympic Party

It's Olympic time!  Theresa and I had a bunch of our friends over to watch the Olympics.

Not only was this an olympic party, it was a pot luck.  We also encouraged everyone to bring food from all over the world. 

I didn't get a photo of all the food, but we had quite the sampling.  We made Korean kalbi and rice, curry popcorn (inspired by our Japan trip), "German" pretzels with peanut butter.  The Bakers just got back from Europe and they brought some Turkish Delight.  We also had Italian meatballs, a Persian rice and stew, Russian potato salad, guacamole and chips, and Mexican ice cream.

We dined and sat around watching Olympics.

Jackson was well behaved and seemed to enjoy watching the olympics on the big screen.

But then it was time for us to have some games of our own!  We started with the Olympic torch run.  The goal was to light your candle, then run across the finish line with your candle still lit.

Unfortunately it was a little breezy and we couldn't even get the candles to stay lit while we were standing still.  Oh well.  The first event is a bust.

Our next event was archery!  

We set up a paper target on a stand, coated the tips of our "arrows" in chalk, and took aim.

Wiping the target off for each new shooter.

Having fun?

In the end, Farman came closest!  And surprise, we have medals!

Next up was the Olympic Ring toss.  

So who was the winner?  Yours truly!

Ring master!

The shooting competition was up next. 

The paper target was starting to come apart, so I had put tape on the seams to keep it together. 

And amazingly Chris was able to stick a dart to the 1/2" wide strip of tape.

So who was the winner?  Lacey?  No that was just wishful thinking. 

Grace was the one with the deadeye aim.  She nailed the exact center of the bullseye!  Jonathan went all paparazzi on her after she was awarded the medal.

Next was ladder ball.  We couldn't think of a clever Olympic name for it.

And the big winner was Farman!  2 medals!

Our last event tested your palate.  Theresa bought 9 different chocolates from around the world, ranging from milk, dark, spicy, orange, and more.  

In the end, we had a three way tie for first.  They were able to identify all 9 chocolates with no mistakes!

Congratulations to all the competitors!

Then Farman posed for his shining moment.

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