Friday, August 3, 2012

Pixar in Concert at the Hollywood Bowl

We love hearing Disney music played live so when we saw that the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra would be playing music from all our favorite Pixar movies, we were in!  A quick call to the Bakers and we'll have some great company as well!
It's tradition to take food with you to the Hollywood Bowl, so we all stopped at Trader Joes to grab dinner.  

We made it up to the Bowl in great time considering it was a Friday afternoon and we were driving through downtown.

We even happened to run into Jose and Zucely from work!  Small world!

As the sun started to go down, it started to cool off.  Good thing we brought blankets.  


As a surprise, John Lassater came out and said a few words.  Some of his first words were "Hello again!" to many of the members of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.  Over half of them performing tonight were involved in recording the music for many of Pixar films. 

We started where Pixar started.  The original Toy Story.  

That was followed with music from Cars, Wall-e, A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Ratatouille and Finding Nemo.

What really moved me the most though and make me all emotional and misty eyed is the music from Up.  That waltz at the beginning of the movie just takes you through so many emotions.  From excitement, hope, sorrow, and everything else.  I'll admit, that I had a few tears while it was playing.  

We took a quick intermission, then were back. 

Again John Lassater came out and spoke to us.  He told us how special it was to be here listening to music being played live.  Some of his favorite memories as a director were going to the recording studio and hearing an orchestra play original music just for his movie.  

He then introduced us to one of his favorite movies, Incredibles!  I should mention, that all during this music, clips from the movie were playing on the big screens.  It was great seeing all the movie clips we love with the music to accompany them.  During the second half, we also heard music from Monsters Inc and Cars 2.

Now, ever since Brave came out, we've been listening to the soundtrack whenever we have a long drive.  Theresa kept telling me over and over that she really really wanted them to bring out bagpipes when they play music from Brave.  
She got her wish!  Not only are we getting bagpipes, but they're going to be played by the same person who played it in the movie.

The last song was from Toy Story 3, and included the dramatic part of the movie where the whole gang is in great peril in the trash furnace.  It also included the beautiful ending where Andy gives his toys to Bonnie, and again I'm getting misty eyed.

They finish the evening with a great montage of clips from all the Pixar movies and show the composers who created the music from each movie.  Fantastic!
Glad you came with us Bakers!

Theresa said she absolutely loved the music tonight and was also moved to tears at least 3 times.  During Finding Nemo, Up of course, and even A Bug's Life.  

Great night!

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