Saturday, July 28, 2012

Disneyland Birthday

It's almost my birthday!  We're heading to Disneyland to celebrate!

What's taking the Earl of Sandwich so long to get done?  Compass Books closed down in March.  We were hoping to be eating sandwiches here this summer.  It looks so far away from being done. 

We headed into the park and saw that the Voices of Liberty would be singing very soon, so we waited right in front.  The Voices of Liberty sang outside the Opera House and before they went inside to do their number, they saw me with my birthday hat and button. They asked if they could sing me Happy Birthday, and of course I said yes! Standing there with 11 amazing singers in a half moon around me singing Happy Birthday to me alone was incredible!

Of course we had to go inside and watch them again.  Sitting in the very front row is definitely the best spot because you can hear all the singers individually.  And on their way out, even though I wasn't wearing my hat, a few of them still recognized me and wished me a Happy Birthday.

It was a day of wandering around.  We walked over to the Dream Suite just to reminisce.  Then we headed back to the Big Thunder Ranch.  This goat looked very content.

The Festival arena happened to be open for the summer and Billy Hill and the Hillbillies were relocated from their usual spot.  Mickey and Minnie were also back here greeting guests.

I've heard a few different arguments about moving the Billys back here.  Personally, I like it.  In the Golden Horseshoe their set is so short that they only get a couple songs in.  Back here, they played for what seemed like 15-20 minutes. 

And not only that, but they can get up close and personal with the guests. 


Those teeth cost him a dollar.  Yes indeed, they are buck teeth. 

As we left the festival arena, we came across the Soundsational drummers.  Total is a day full of great live music.

This one made me laugh.

And it's great to see the climbers on the Matterhorn. 

Walking down Main Street, we noticed the Dapper Dans were singing.  More live music!  We were just sitting at a table listening when one of the Dapper Dans came up and asked Theresa to be a part of the show.  They told her they'd be singing a song and it would be her job to fill in the words when they stop. 

They sang "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" and when they sang "Let me call you sweetheart I'm in love with _____."  Theresa caught on quick and was soon singing and swaying right along with them. 

Then they said that if she could sing the words to just one more song, she'd be an honorary Dapper Dan!
Sadly she didn't know the words, and neither did I, but she learned them quick and finished it out. 

As we were walking away, the piano player sees my button and plays a quick little Happy Birthday.

And she still got to be an honorary Dapper Dan.

These horses are huge!

From there, we went to Cars Land to ride Radiator Springs Racers.

It's such a dark ride, it's difficult to photograph. 

Just as we pass Frank, the ride stops.  I was able to look backward and see everything how it is before the cars get there.

Where are we going today?  Luigi's or Ramone's?

Luigi's it is!

Theresa loves her grapes.

We had 5:30 reservations at the Napa Rose.  So we went to the lobby of the Grand Californian and listened to the piano player for 2 hours.  He played music from lots of our favorite Disney movies and even threw in a quick "Happy Birthday" when he saw my hat and button.

Dinner at the Napa Rose is always tasty.  The pizzetta is always fantastic, along with the filet and the truffle mac and cheese.  Who leaves room for dessert?  Luckily they send you home with chocolate truffles on your birthday if you're stuffed.

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