Saturday, July 7, 2012

Camping at McGrath State Beach

It's been a really really long time since we've gone camping.  Back in early June, Theresa decided she wanted to go camping over the July 4th weekend.  Unfortunately, every beach camping site we were interested in was fully booked through August!  We kept pursuing it though and just happened to find a campsite that had been scheduled to close permanently, but just happened to get more funding and was allowing reservations starting July 1st. 

We made a reservation for 2 nights, starting on July 5th.
Jacob met us early in the day on July 5th at our house and we packed up the car (with some difficulty) and headed up to Oxnard. 
Oxnard is well known for their strawberries, and as we were driving, Theresa said that if we saw a roadside stand selling strawberries we had to stop.  Obviously, we found a place and bought some.

We got our part of the campsite set up and then got out the books.

Steph and Farman arrived later in the day and we got dinner going.  Food was something we were going to have plenty of on this trip as you'll see.  The day before, Steph and Farman had big party at their place and they have a ton of leftovers.  And if that weren't enough, Jacob had a party not too long ago either and he also had lots of leftovers.

It started to get dark and we all just sat around the fire.

The s'mores hardware came out and we all enjoyed roasting marshmallows.

We sat around enjoying the fire.

I set my camera up and took some longer exposures and combined them to get some star trails. 

Then we played around with the camera a bit.  Farman has a few photos too that I'll share once I get them.

Photos from Farman

Warming the front

Warming the back

We played around with some long exposures.  


Theresa "Flower"

Hanging out with a couple guys

Me hanging out with my favorite two girls

Back to my photos
The moon looked awesome and the sky was a orange/red color.

That whole thing about eating well extended to breakfast too.

Mmm, bacon.

Theresa and Jacob made French Toast.

Tasty hash browns.

So for our breakfast we had fresh strawberries, french toast and syrup, bacon, and hash browns and eggs, both cooked with a little bit of bacon grease.  Plus orange juice and milk.  We're really roughing it.

The perfect breakfast?

Looks good to me.

The weather didn't really cooperate while we were there.  It was overcast and a little windy.  We hung out at the campsite and played Uno for a bit.

We also played some Bocce ball 

After such a big breakfast, we decided on a late 2pm lunch.  Pork sandwiches and potato salad.

We were having a hard time packing the car and the hammocks were one of the things that were threatened to be left behind. Glad we decided to keep them.

Here's the campsite all set up.

As it got late, we got the fire going again. 

We grilled pork/apple sausages and hot dogs for dinner.  Then we brought out the s'mores

The fire really is magical to just stare at.

The next morning, we had another great breakfast.  Hash Browns, eggs, french toast, pancakes and syrup.


And with that, we had to pack up and leave. 

So where was the beach in the whole "beach camping" trip?  It was a few hundred yards away, and you had to walk through a marshy area that was a conservation area for the local water fowl.  That combined with the cooler weather meant we didn't get out and go to the beach.  Maybe next time.

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