Sunday, July 22, 2012

Disneyland Dream Suite - Welcome to the Disneyland Dream Suite

It was almost time to get this party started!

We made it to the lobby of the Grand Californian and sat in front of the fire until 2:30.

Right at 2:30, sure enough, Chelle and Karen were there to meet us. Karen took our luggage from the bellhop and drove it over to the suite. They also told us that they had a digital camera and would be taking photos of us the whole time. At the end of our stay, we'd be given a CD with all the photos!

And because they're taking photos, that means I'll get to be in a few of them instead of behind the camera!

Chelle walked us through Downtown Disney, into Disneyland through the exit, then over to the Main Street Railroad. We boarded the train and got off at New Orleans Square station.

We got off at the very first stop in New Orleans Square. From here, Chelle told us a little bit of history of the area, plus some trivia, like the insignias on some of the buildings that meant a house paid their fire insurance so the fire department would come if your house caught on fire. We also saw a mirror in the perfume shop that was painted in such a style, that the small details had to go on first, and then the larger parts go on top.

We walked past the outside of Club 33, so named for being 33 Royal Street. We would be staying at 21 Royal Street, home of the Disney Dream Suite. We saw the original entrance of 21 Royal Street behind one of the gift shops, but that area was back stage.

Instead we walked to the front of the Dream Suite to go up the stairs that were built for the Disney Gallery. She had us line up on the stairs and got a photo.

Walking up the steps.

This Private Entrance was for us tonight!

It's finally here! We're excited!

Chelle came up to join us on the landing, asked if we were ready, swiped her badge, opened the door, and said "Welcome to the Disneyland Dream Suite!"

One of Ruston's favorite memories - First opening the door to the dream suite and seeing that there was a step up into the living room area. It was like stepping into a magical movie. Everything was beautiful and pristine and there was even a fire lit in the fireplace.

Now I knew this was something that I'd never be able to experience again. Not only that, but it's something that very few people have ever been able to experience. I wanted a record of it so I started recording video. Forgive the shakiness, strange angles, lens being blocked at certain points, etc. Despite all the faults, I hope you enjoy it!

Thankfully Karen was busy snapping photos of us with Disney's digital camera, so you can see the looks on our faces as we're exploring.

Just amazing. So opulent and incredible looking.

First we explored the parlor. Here we're looking at the little bird that inspired audio animatronics. Don't worry about looking for details around the room here. In later posts, I'll have plenty of shots with details galore.

Next was the Frontierland bedroom. It looked super rich with beautiful colors, beds, and everything about it just looked expensive.

Ruston - The first time I walked into the Frontierland room, I knew this was my favorite place. I loved the dark red color of the walls and all the toys that lined a shelf along the ceiling. It also led to the balcony that overlooked the Rivers of America, probably the best place in the park to not just watch Fantasmic, but to people watch as well.

The way they've redone the patio is beautiful! This is going to be a great place to watch Fantasmic and hang out with friends tonight.

Next we explored the Adventureland bedroom. Not quite as rich as the other bedroom, but still beautiful. I don't think I've ever slept in a four poster canopy bed before. We'll still have to see if we get any sleep tonight...

The most amazing part of this bedroom is the Master Bathroom that is attached to it. First off, it was huge! The best part about it though was the tub! It's beautiful by itself, but when you push the button on the wall labeled "Stars", the lights dim, music starts playing, and small lights embedded in the tiles start twinkling. Again, I'll have a full photo tour of each room in a later post.

Before they left us to explore, Chelle took a couple more photos of us. Here, we're all peeking through the glass of the main entrance.

And another looking out the window just to the left of the door.

And with that, we were on our own inside the Disneyland Dream Suite.

Theresa is enjoying the powder room just off the main bathroom.

And we just sat on the deck, watching people walk by.

Our time here was already passing too quickly. Before we knew it, it was 4:15pm and we had dinner reservations to run off to. I'll start again there on my next post.

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