Monday, July 23, 2012

Disneyland Dream Suite - Exploring the Rooms - Parlor

The Parlor is the first room you see as soon as you enter a Dream Suite

My favorite photo of this room is the scrollable panorama.  I used my tripod and wide angle lens to capture this in super high detail. Click on the photo below and drag it to look around in 360 degrees!

Ruston's complimentary gift bowl.  It had the Disney Dream Suite logo on the front, with July 14th 2012 on one side, and Harker on the other.

The amazing fireplace. 

Ruston said it looks like the castle is on fire.

If you stare into the fire long enough, you'll see fireworks appear.

Beside the fireplace is a glass case.

Here's Cinderella's stage coach.

Plus a glass slipper.

No questioning which switch does what in here.  I love how they're all labeled. 

This was a special mirror our hostesses told us about when we entered.  They used a special technique painting on the back of the glass that covers it.  As such, the small details have to be painted first, then you follow with the larger and larger sections.

This carrousel horse is a representation of what inspired Walt to create Disneyland park. 

The main clock in the room that also started off all the magic moments in this room.

Here's another panorama from the other side of the room.

The two castles that inspired Sleeping Beauty castle.
Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria Germany.

Ch√Ęteau de Chenonceau is the other inspiration

The $1200 waste paper basket.  I almost felt bad putting trash in here.

Prepared with cups and glasses, just above the fridge.

We really liked these glasses and were hoping we'd be able to purchase at least one as a souvenir.  Unfortunately though, they aren't available, and you couldn't even order them in the crystal shop down in New Orleans Square.

These paintings are on either side of the entrance.

As well as two night stands with these statues.

And the giant rug in the parlor even has four Hidden Mickeys around it.

Plus another one in red.

A view of the chandelier

And the layout of the entire suite (not created by me)

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Part 7 - Our After Dark Disneyland Tour 11:45pm to 2:30am
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