Sunday, July 8, 2012

Maui, Hawaii - Day 9 and 10, chilling at the hotel

We just wanted to take a relaxing last couple days at the hotel.  We've been running around a bit, and felt like relaxing.  Just off our porch there was a hammock that Theresa enjoyed.

The birds are bold here.

And they enjoy chips.

And bread.

Some of them would just hang out and wait for us to throw something. 

We decided to take a walk down the beach.  We really liked these surfboard tables.

An interesting Banyan tree along the path.

It appears a Monk seal made its way up to the beach.  A state official was there making sure no one got too close.  They also put up ropes to keep people away.

We stumbled on a group of painters who were painting a boat shack not far off.

One of the hotels has a beautiful pathway with flamingos, swans and ducks, plus some beautiful flowers.

We kept meandering and found a hammock and just listened to the ocean.

Another couple who had rented a cabana nearby was leaving and had a full plate of mixed fruit leftover.  They gave it to us plus a few bottles of cold water.

The sun started to set and it was beautiful.

We never did catch a luau show.  We peeked through some trees to watch this one.

The next day we had to get packed up and head back home.  Overall, a great trip to Hawaii!  Now when can we go back?

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