Monday, July 23, 2012

Disneyland Dream Suite - Exploring the Rooms - Frontierland Bedroom

Just off the Parlor is the Frontierland bedroom.  It's probably my favorite room in the whole suite.  There is just so much detail here, it's amazing. 
My favorite photo of this room is the scrollable panorama.  I used my tripod and wide angle lens to capture this in super high detail. Click on the photo below and drag it to look around in 360 degrees!

It is just so opulent

Original Disneyland Map by Peter Ellenshaw.  This is what it looked like normally.

Walt wanted to see what the park might look like at night though.  When you turned out the lights in the room, the map still glowed.  You can even see the little lights in the parking lot outside Disneyland.  

Jacob commented that when you turned out the lights to go to bed, this still glowed for 5 minutes or so.  Eventually though, it completely faded and the room was dark.

A Cinderella Franklin stove.

The Chandelier in the bedroom.  We were told it came from somewhere special, but I can't remember where.  Overseas somewhere I think, and I vaguely remember the words Silver Spur.  Not sure if that's correct or not.

When you press the Goodnight Kiss button, a train that looks like it's in a glass case suddenly comes to life and goes around the room.  I tried a few videos of it, but it's difficult with the lighting to get everything in focus.

So, I took photos all around the room of each and every item the train passes on its journey.

The Frontierland bathroom was also quite nice.

While I was busy taking pictures, Theresa came running up to me to show me that even the toilet paper was embossed with the Dream Suite logo.

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  1. I love how you documented the items in the Frontierland room. I have been trying to figure out what everything was, thanks to your detailed pictures, now I know! It must have been great fun to get in there. I laughed at how they just used plain wooden blocks to boost things higher up to be seen knowing no one would ever see them. Thanks again for the documentation. Now it's off to ebay to find a few of the things LOL!

    1. You're welcome!
      Crazy right? Just a random 2x4 block propping something up! Good luck in your quest! There's a lot of stuff up there!