Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gatlinburg - Roaring Fork Trail Part 2

After our picnic lunch, we drove to the Trillium Gap Trail that would take us to Grotto Falls.

Of course there were so great views along the trail.

These looked like a waterfall of roots along the trail.

After a long hike, we made it to the falls.

Theresa taking a picture of me taking the shot above.

Grotto Falls

It was crowded, but we were able to get a group photo.  I set up my remote to take photos every 2 seconds then ran over to get in the shot.

Similar to Disneyland, this is the backside of water.

Once we got to the bottom, we saw this train of llamas.  They all had on big packs on their back, but we never found out what they were carrying.

As we were driving down the trail, the brakes started smelling hot.  We took a break and stopped at this small cabin.

I'm really glad we did too, because right behind it was a beautiful rushing stream.

T taking a photo of me getting the shot above.

A different view looking up the stream.

Mom posing by the stream.

We drove a little further and found a few more great spots for photos.  I think we all agreed that we enjoyed the Roaring Forks trail more than Cade's Cove.  All this water just makes it beautiful.

Getting the photo above.

Because the trail was so close to the city, we were able to make it back home in time for the sunset.

Looking in towards the porch.

Another great day enjoying Gatlinburg.

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