Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sky Zone Sports - JB's Birthday

To celebrate Jonathan's birthday, Lacey organized a surprise party at Sky Zone Sports.  She didn't tell him anything about it.  She blindfolded him and drove him to our house, then kept him blindfolded as we drove to the Sky Zone.
I think the last time I was on a trampoline was 2-3 years ago at Donald's house.  All these trampolines together in one place was awesome!


Sadly Theresa was sick and didn't want to jump.  It did mean she took some pictures of us while we were playing.
All of us were getting our bouncing legs.

Doing flips.

They also had a cool foam pit.  

The only tough part was getting out of the foam after being buried.

Brian had good form.

And Theresa grabbed a photo while I was doing my double flip into the foam.

What did T do while we played?  Studied the ballot for the election of course.

We headed over to get in a few games of dodge ball.

It was an awesome time!  Good choice Lacey!

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