Friday, November 9, 2012

Mike, Lindsey and crew visiting - Disneyland Day 1 part 1

Mike, Lindsey, Brandon, Rebecca, Chelsey, and Kaleb all came out to visit.  Not just that, but they brought Macy!  Everyone arrived late on Thursday night.

And early Friday morning we piled into the two cars headed out to Disneyland.  Sadly Brandon and Rebecca are leaving us and going to visit friends all day.  We'll join up with them again later tonight.

It's Macy's first visit!

Our first stop?  The Cozy Cone Motel to get snacks.

All these holiday decorations are looking great!  

It's a little bit different pace with a baby I suppose. 

Macy took a break to eat.

Out of all the different popcorn flavors we've tried here, we enjoyed the Sweet and Spicy popcorn the most.

Mike really wanted to try the Red's Apple Freeze drink.  His first thoughts were, Wow this is sweet!

We left Macy with Theresa and went off to hit some rides.

We love the decorations all along Cars Land.

Even Stanley got dressed up.

Sadly, Radiator Springs Racers was broken, as it often seems to be.

So instead we rode Tow Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.

Mike and I piled into one and were sliding around pretty good.

And Kaleb, Chelsey and Lindsey squeezed into another one and didn't move at all.

Then we jumped on California Screamin

After Macy had eaten and slept it was time to go on her very first ride ever!  

I think she's excited!

Ariel's Undersea Adventure

She looked like she was loving it the whole time!  She's holding the bar and staring at everything as we go by.

I think she enjoyed it.

It was lunchtime but the rest of the group had fastpasses to Soarin.  Easy solution, we'll take Macy and go grab lunch while everyone else goes on the ride.

We had lunch at the new Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney and it was fantastic.  If only the line was shorter...  It was 15 minutes long today and it was as long as 30 minutes in the next few days.

We're checking out the new ice skating rink in Downtown Disney.  It's a Friday afternoon, but it's pretty dead.

We met back up with the rest of the group and went on Macy's second ride ever.  Monsters Inc!

And luckily right after that, Radiator Springs was up and running again.  The five of us all headed over to it.

We went into the Blue Sky Cellar to learn all about where Radiator Springs came from.

It was starting to get late and it was just about time for dinner.  We'll pick up the next post there. 

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