Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas in Michigan - 11/24/12

Since we're all going to be apart for Christmas, on Saturday we all had an early Christmas celebration.
 After rolling out of bed at 11, we had a brunch at Amy and Donald's.  Have you ever had chocolate gravy?  I hadn't, but it was pretty tasty on biscuits.

The tree was all decorated.

Santa and his elves, ready to pass out gifts.

It's been 10 years since Richard had a road atlas.  He's wanted one, but didn't want to spend the $10.  Tyler showing off his new frosty Illinois mug.

Amy got a new Kindle cover with a light.

Ethan's always wanted a Guinness World Record book.

Austin has a bow in a strange place...

Donald got...

a new blu-ray player!

Happy to get some Disney Nerds pin and new trading lanyard.

Epic Mickey!

An ornament all the way from Hawaii.

Good gifts come in small packages.  

She opened it, but doesn't quite realize what it is yet.

It's Just Dance - Disney Version for Wii. She was really excited.

Chi got some spending money for our future trip to Korea.

We got a new Disney ornament for our tree.  It's already hanging our tree now.

Ethan got the 2013 Madden for XBOX 360.

Austin was a little confused.  He said "I got... whiskey???"

We got a kick out of that.

Now it makes more sense.

Our present from Donald and Amy.

Sweet!  Denver Broncos jerseys.

Peyton Manning Denver Broncos jerseys!

Ty got some new luggage.

More new wallets for Amy.

The elves huddling up before giving out Christmas candy to everyone.

Donald is excited to get a new Kindle!

Richard's big present for Christmas, birthday, and maybe even another Christmas.

His laptop went out a few months ago, so he's getting a new iPad to replace it!

The kids got an interesting present from the grandparents.

They could choose #1 - $50, #2 - $30 plus (10) silver dimes worth about $2 each, or #3 - decide by the end of the day.

I think Ethan took the silver dimes, while everyone else took the cash.

Another good Christmas!

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