Sunday, November 11, 2012

A very eventful day, especially for Brandon and Rebecca

The day started at the LA landmark, Randy's Donuts.  The whole crew drove up there while Macy slept and I held down the fort.

Once they came back from picking up donuts and also grabbing In-N-Out, we decided to spend a day at home.  Macy playing in her pillow crib.

She's so cute.

We all watched Nightmare Before Christmas because no one had seen it before.  After the movie, we all headed down to the beach.

It was a super windy day.  So much so that the sand was blowing in waves and forming little clouds.

Brandon and Rebecca staring off at the ocean.

I wandered over to the pier to grab a few photos.  The waves were crashing hard.

We did happen to have an ulterior motive for coming to the beach today though.  Brandon and Rebecca were staring off at the ocean and about ready to leave when Rebecca asked for just another minute meditate.  Every summer she would come and visit her Grandmother in California, who passed away a few years earlier.  She stared out alone looking north and thinking of her Grandmother.

While she was looking out, Brandon got behind her and did this.

She was a little surprised.

They hadn't been able to find a ring yet, so Rebecca wasn't sure what Brandon had for a ring.  It happened to be her Grandmother's ring that he got from her mom.  At this point Rebecca really started tearing up.

What a beautiful setting.

And afterwards Rebecca understood why no one else went down to the water with them.  Everyone happened to be watching from the pier.  I think Lindsey even video taped it.


Let's see the ring!

It was starting to get cold and everyone else headed home.  But with such a beautiful sunset, why not stay a little longer to take some photos of the newly engaged couple!

The sky looked crazy!

 For dinner, we all headed out to Big Wok!  Mmm.

For dessert, we grabbed Pinkberry and cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

We then headed back home to enjoy dessert and watch Avengers!  These guys have had a long day, so I guys they're allowed to fall asleep.

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