Friday, November 23, 2012

Dream Suite Reunion 9/22/12

It's been a few months since we all got to visit the Dream Suite, so we figured we should meet up with everyone again to stay in touch.

For the past month, Theresa and I have been working on a book with some of our favorite photos from our time at the Dream Suite to give to Ruston and Jacob.

What's this?  An all you can eat restaurant inside Disneyland?  
We all got together for dinner at the Big Thunder Ranch BBQ.  The best part?  The huge bucket of meat they bring to the table.  And not only is it all you can eat side dishes, like corn, baked beans, and coleslaw, it's all you can eat ribs, chicken, and sausage! 

Afterwards Theresa and I agreed, that was one of the best meals we've ever had at Disneyland!

Because it was so fun doing a scavenger hunt for the first get together, I made another short scavenger hunt for everyone.  After dinner, those who hadn't completed theirs when off to finish it.   

We met up at the Jolly Holiday Bakery to review the answers and give out prizes.  Not surprisingly we had 4 teams tie for first place.  We had to have a tie breaker question to determine the winner.  How many days has it been since Disneyland first opened?  Answers were required in 15 seconds, so you didn't have much time to do all the math. 

The winners got to choose first from the bag of Halloween candy Theresa and I brought.  
I got a ring-pop that had fun lips attached.

A fun time with everyone!  We all watched the fireworks together the spent the next 20 minutes just talking to eat other.  It was a great day!

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