Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rise of the Guardians

It's the middle of the week and what better way to get over hump day than to head to dinner and a movie after work.
After I finished work, Theresa swung by to pick me up and we had dinner at our of our favorite Greek places, Daphnes.  Surprisingly on a Wednesday night at 6pm, we were the only people there.  
Sadly they don't have their rotisserie chicken anymore, but I tried they gyros and they were tasty.  Theresa enjoys their grilled shrimp and chicken skewers.  Not only that, but their pita is very tasty!

As for the movie, I didn't have very high hopes going into it.  We got to the theater 20 minutes early and were the only one in the theater until the previews started rolling.  
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the movie!  It was funny, had a great story, great voice acting and it looked beautiful.  I give it an 8!  Plus it was an enjoyable night out with Theresa!

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