Monday, November 12, 2012

Disneyland Day 2

It's Sunday and we're headed back to Disneyland!

 Mike looks happy to be going.

And look! There's Brandon and Rebecca.  We're going to have the whole crew with us!

Macy's ready too!

A quick group photo in front of the castle.

And what is Macy's first ride in Disneyland?

Why it's the Haunted Mansion, with the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay!  Yay!

She's such a good baby.  She just rolls with just about everything.

So did she have fun?  What do you think?

Just around the corner, we all rode Theresa's favorite, Winnie the Pooh.

After that much excitement, it was time for her to eat and nap.  T and Chelsey took care of that while the rest of us went off in search of some thrill rides.
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a classic.

Don't get wet from the waterfall!

Look out!

Why does Lindsey look nervous?  It couldn't be because we're on Splash Mountain.

A log all to ourselves.

Going down the big hill.  Wonder who is going to get the most wet?

We have a winner!  Guess the front isn't the best for staying dry.

Next up was Space Mountain.

Which always gets a big thumbs up from Mike.

It was lunchtime so we all headed over to Downtown Disney.  Being in Tomorrowland, we decided the monorail would be the quickest way over. 

Macy was sleeping soundly but unfortunately children can't ride in strollers on the monorail.  Mike and Lindsey hopped off and took the long way to Downtown Disney.

We had all split to do our own thing for lunch.  Theresa and I made our way back into the park and stopped by the hat shop.

And got a quick shot with Minnie.

We randomly ran into Brandon and Rebecca and got a cute shot of them in front of the castle.

Then it was time to head off and do more rides.  In line for Snow White's Scary Adventures.

Then we randomly happened to run into Kaleb and Chelsey and all went on Pinocchio together.

The bravest of us all (Rebecca, Lindsey and myself) took a whirl on the Tea Cups.

My favorite type of shot on the tea cups!

We went on Pirates.

Me, Mike, Lindsey, Rebecca, Brandon and Kaleb all went on Space Mountain.  
Oh no!  What happened to Kaleb!!!

While Theresa waited with a bundled up Macy.

For dinner, most of us went to California Adventure for soup in a sourdough bowl.  Macy had fun flirting with the busboys, tossing her toys to the ground and looking at them to pick them up.

Brandon, Rebecca, Kaleb and Chelsey all stayed to watch the fireworks, while the rest of us left early.  Some of us have to work tomorrow so it's already going to be a short night.  Tomorrow, one more day at Disneyland!

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