Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jacob's Birthday Celebration - 11/17/2012

Way back in October, we asked Jacob what he wanted to do for his birthday.  We decided a trip to San Diego to the zoo would be fun.  As the day got closer though, the weather wasn't cooperating so we changed it to the California Science Center at USC.  
What's so special about the California Science Center?  It's got the Space Shuttle Endeavour!  From left to right, it's Jim, Ryan, Jacob, T and myself.

The shuttle is so popular, you have to have a reservation to see it.  We arrived early to look around the rest of the science center.  Here's Theresa in front of the capsule from one of the Gemini missions.  That heat shield looks like it has been through a lot.

Listening to how sound reacts in a vacuum. Inside each jar was an alarm bell.  The air was slowly sucked out and as it was, the sound of the bell kept getting more and more faint.

Finally it was time to go see the shuttle.  It was huge!

The heat tiles on the bottom were all individually numbered.  

Theresa was commenting on one of the interface panels on the back of the shuttle with all the circular connectors similar to what we work with.  A stranger came up and told her she was really getting her geek on.  

Jim (the airline pilot) looking at all the controls and knobs on the shuttle instrument panel.

Our next adventure was the Cleopatra exhibit.

 First we watched a video about where all these artifacts were found.  Turns out most of them came from the ocean.  Archeologists found these after tsunamis and earthquakes buried them.

On the screen to the right, you can see the diver finding these statues underwater.

One of Theresa's favorites.  Money!

A cool gold piece.

Hercules (Herakles) even got a mention here.

A document actually signed by Cleopatra.

One of the interactive parts, showing how it's easier to pull a 60 pound block on top of rails with less friction than it is to pull it resting directly on the stone.

After the science center, we all broke for dinner.  After dinner we wandered around downtown just a little bit then enjoyed cupcakes.

And Jacob even got a free one because it was his birthday!

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