Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving in Michigan - 11/22/12

We're up in Michigan for Thanksgiving this year.  With Chi, Rita, Amy and Donald cooking, we've got lots of yummy food!

Amy made some yummy squash dressing.  Well I assume it was yummy.  The kids devoured it and it was gone by the time I was making my plate.

A couple from church who Donald invited to join us.

Donald made this beautiful turkey for everyone.

And Rita made this delicious turkey roast for me!  It's my favorite!

The kids enjoying the master dining room.

Then we all settled in the living room to watch football.  Ethan's baseball team has a fundraiser where you can put $10 in and guess the last two digits of the score in each quarter.

The boys split an entry and won $125!  They were excited!

And for a solid 2 hours, Bananagrams was played in the kitchen.

A great Thanksgiving!


  1. I don't know if Megan will ever allow us to have a turkey roast :P Lucky!

  2. joe, did you really WANT a taste of that squash casserole????? We love Pat's comment :)