Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Lights at the Flowers' house

It's Christmas-time and one of my favorite things to do around the house is put up Christmas lights!  Theresa let me buy a few more lights to add to what I already had from last year.  I spent a few hours each day after we got back from Michigan putting them up.

I started with the icicles all around the roof line.

I also wrapped the palm tree trunks.

All the windows were outlined with lights.
Which required a little bit of creative balancing to get around the plants in front yard.

This year I put 600 lights around the trunk and branches of one of our trees.

And that also required a little bit of creative balancing to get it around the ends of the branches.

I think it turned out really well this year!  When you're driving down the street, our house really stands out!  

Here's the tree I was all crazy climbing to get the lights as high as I could.

Brand new this year are the lights up in the fronds of the palm trees.  Last year I just did the trunks.  I think it looks awesome with everything lit up now.  Those fronds at the very top were a little tough to get to.

The front door and the garage look great too.

Merry Christmas!

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