Monday, December 17, 2012

Company D and The Hobbit

It's holiday time at the Disney resort, and at their outlet store their employees get extra discounts.  Ruston invited us to join him on Sunday to take advantage of all the deals.
Everything is already 50% off the regular retail price.  Not bad right?  Well during the holidays, employees get another 40% off!  That makes it 70% off the regular retail price!
It's so popular that instead of giving people shopping carts when they enter, you're handed a trash bag instead.

They've also extended their registers to accommodate all the people.  

Theresa and I both found some fun hats.

Behind the regular store, they have bigger quantities of a few items.  Theresa found a really great deal that you'll read more of below. 

All these bags are mine and Theresa's, but mostly Theresa's.  

If you remember a few posts back, I mentioned how Theresa caught Duffy fever while we were in Japan.  It's been slow developing, but it's started taking hold more and more.

In the back area, there was a huge box of these Duffy bears.  They are normally $30, but were reduced to $5.  Add in another 40% discount and each of these bears only cost $3!  We've joked about financing our next trip to Japan with Duffys.  

But what are we going to do with 20, yes 20, graduation Duffys?

Luckily enough, with just a quick snip of the thread, he turns back into cute little regular Duffy.  

After we did all our shopping, we headed to El Torito for lunch.  They had a brunch buffet that included a fajita bar that sounded tasty.

I wasn't about to leave my camera at the table while I got my food, so I slung it over my shoulder like usual.  This woman who was making corn tortillas saw it and told me to take her photo.  
After a tasty and filling lunch, we said our goodbyes to Ruston and Jacob and drove back home.  
We've already done so much fun stuff this week you think that would be enough.  It started on Wednesday seeing Dick Van Dyke at Disneyland for Candlelight, continued with meteors in Barstow on Thursday and Friday.  Friday night was the Holiday Organ Spectacular at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.  Saturday we had a Christmas party at a friend's house and Sunday morning we drove to Anaheim and went to Company D.  So what's left?  Why going to see The Hobbit of course.

We reserved our seats at the Howard Hughes center IMAX weeks ago, so we didn't have to wait in any crazy lines.  Joining us would be Jonathan and Lacey, as well as Chris and Eliza.
We really enjoyed the movie.  Despite being nearly 3 hours long, I felt like it moved along well.  I had just recently read the book, and while there were parts that weren't in the book, everything seemed paced well.  I'll have to ask my mother once she's seen it what all the additional things they added are from.  I'm guessing it's from all the other books in the series.

One thing we did not like about it was the 3D.  The IMDB page boasts that it was filmed in a higher frame rate (48 frames per second versus the standard 24 fps) that was supposed to help with making everything smoother.  Unfortunately just about everyone in our group agreed that the two projectors weren't synced up well at all, and during any times of fast movement, the picture looked jerky and absolutely terrible.

The movie was great though!  Next time I see it I hope to not watch it in 3D!

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