Monday, December 31, 2012

Celebrating the New Year in Curacao

When we go on relaxing vacations, we try to do a day of exploring and adventure followed by a day of doing nothing.  Today, Dec 31st, happened to be a day of doing nothing.

We started with an all you can eat breakfast at one of the hotel restaurants.  It just happened to be included in our $179/night price, making this an even better deal!  Otherwise it would have been $25 per person.  They had an omelet bar, fresh pancakes, breads, and lots of fruits and juices. 

Compare Theresa's plate with fruit and mine with meat, eggs, and breads.

We did make a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up some snacks, plus some sparkling fruit juices to celebrate New Year's.  Chupa Chup happens to be one of Theresa's nicknames for me.

The entire rest of the day we spent relaxing at the hotel, reading books and enjoying the sunshine.

Once night rolled around, we headed back out to the beach around 10pm.  There were a few firework displays going off in the distance all night.

And I don't know why, but the beach was empty.  We spent most of our nights out here staring up at the stars.  We even saw a few meteors.

Happy New Years from Curacao!

Our hotel even had a 5 minute firework display right at midnight!  

Being out here on the beach with Theresa watching fireworks was the perfect way to bring in the new year.

The next day was another exploring day and we drove a little over an hour to Playa Lagun.

I love driving through roads like this where the trees overhang the road.

Playa Lagun is a tiny inlet with a beach that's only 75 yards wide and surrounded by rock cliffs on the side.  We had read that there were turtles, rays and other marine life that come here to feed off the fisherman's scraps.

This is Theresa before going out in the water.

One downside of being the small little inlet was that the waters were really choppy.  Actually really really choppy.  Until you got 100 yards off shore, the water was completely clouded from all the sand being stirred up.  Theresa actually got motion-sick from the rolling waves and got a pretty bad headache.

Once we got far enough out that we could see clearly, it was very deep.  I swam down ~35 feet to the bottom, but there were only a few fish to see.  Theresa was getting really nauseous now from the motion-sickness, so we decided to head to shore.  

There was one more bigger beach that we wanted to go explore.  It was only 30 minutes away, so I drove slowly and carefully to not make Theresa any worse, and we eventually made it to Playa Porto Mari. This was a much bigger beach with plenty of lounge chairs to rent.

T decided to wait on shore while I went to explore the water. 

The waters here were much more clear.  

Surrounding the lagoon was a floating rope, and lots of little fishes liked to hang out right around the surface by the rope.

The waters are turquoise and beautiful here.

And over time, the waves have eroded the base of the rock cliffs.

I came back to shore and we spent the rest of the day enjoying the sun and reading our Kindles.  

We got back to the hotel around 5 and saw this guy hanging out on our patio.  They are everywhere around here.

And then for dinner, we dined at another one of the hotel's restaurants overlooking the beach. 

Another awesome day in Curacao!

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