Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bowling in Delaware

I think it's required that every Air Force base have a bowling alley.  We all headed there the day after Christmas and bowled a few games.  Thanks Dad for taking a few photos.

The boys enjoyed bowling, but after 5 frames they were ready to head to the play area.

He's lining up his shot just perfectly.

Theresa always has excellent form.

This was how Josh bowled.  Roll the ball then immediately run away to the lane beside ours and don't even watch the ball hit the pins.

Both Josh and Eli rolled the ball without assistance.  And Eli didn't even hit the bumpers much.

Isaac using his feet to help steer the ball after he rolled it.

Hi Theresa.  And there goes Josh again.

I decided to substitute Isaac for my ball and was ready to roll him down the lane.  He wasn't having any of that though.  

We had a fun time.  I was asked to use a heavier ball because they thought I was throwing it too hard.
Jon was the big winner today.  I think he rolled a 160 something!  Very nice!

And Theresa happened across a YooHoo, the same as her shirt and we had to get a photo.

We had a great time in Delaware with everyone! 

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